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November 16th


Review - Cherry is the "girl next door", who never actually lived next door, despite all your wishing! Not to be missed: wonderful and sweet, too.
Scott 2021-09-10

Review - I recently had an amazing experience with Miss Cherry, and she was incredibly sexy, sweet, and very accommodating in satisfying me and giving me a great evening of fun! I’ll be back soon.
Robert 2021-03-15

Review - I had one of the greatest experiences at the Ranch with Cherry. She is incredible. I love her body and her smile, and those lips are to die for. I can't wait to get more of her cherry!
Pablo 2020-03-03

Review - Cherry is beautiful & down to earth. She’s easy to talk to, but what really sets her apart is she’s listening. She’s sexy, obviously, but look at her eyes!
John 2021-07-21