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Review - Paris was a pleasant addition to my party last night, both in and out of the bedroom. She's absolutely gorgeous and funny and knows how to have a good time. It was a night of firsts on both sides, and I left feeling happier than I've felt in a long, long time. I will definitely be coming back to see her again soon!
K 2018-07-07
Review - We chatted a bit, and she agreed to do a BDSM session as my submissive. She is sexy and did her part and then some. 
Matt 2017-10-16


Review - Home after a long drive and miss Her.( She was so fun and so good in Their great dungeon! I really recommend Her highly and wish We could have had more time to better connect afterward. 
Matt 2017-10-10
Review - I came in pretty late sat down and had a drink, a few girls came to the table to chat, but I had my eye on Paris, I decided to chat with her, and dang she is really down to earth kind of girl. We worked out all the details, and I have to say just about everything I could have imagined happened, and with a smile, she knows what she is doing any very Willing to please, bottom line I will return to her. Thank you very much. 
Aries 2017-09-19
Review - Paris showed me the best time I have had thus far at THE RANCH. She's an amazing young lady. Hope to see you soon. 
T-Town 2017-07-19
Review - Thoroughly enjoyed my time with Paris. She unexpectedly fulfilled a fantasy of mine, and I'm forever grateful! 
Brian 2017-07-08
Review - Just saw Paris one hour ago. Our meeting was a total coincidence a. Wow. She was awesome. Super cute, sexy ..and had beautiful eyes and a smile. She was passionate and also very relaxed as we both enjoyed a laugh afterward. I wish she were my everyday girlfriend. Fyi, she loves white teeth! 
Paul 2015-06-06
Review - I could not believe my eyes for I saw pure beauty. An in shape and very exotic young lady both Native American and African American. Miss Paris and I hit it off very well, and we had an intelligent conversation. Next, in the negotiation room, Miss Paris was surprisingly understanding of my financial situation and worked with my budget. I was having some performance issues with myself, to say the least, but she made me feel like the world's best lover. The best thing was she gave it all she had. In the bedroom, words cannot describe how amazing, talented, and highly skilled Miss Paris is. In conclusion, Miss Paris is extremely perfectly beautiful. Most importantly though she has a great sense of humor. She's very friendly and cheerful. I was treated fantabulous now Miss Paris has a customer for life. Simply put she was the best I ever had. Dare I say the best at the Ranch, well in my humble opinion. It was legendary! Lastly, the sounds she made were my favorite part! Thank you :) 
Daniel 2015-04-30

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