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Can't get enough of Asia!!
I was greeted by Asia at the bar. We spoke for a few minutes and she offered me a tour. I knew as soon as she stood up and smiled at me that I was picking her. No lineup. No questions. She was the realest deal I have ever seen. I let her take me on the tour and she offered for me to sit with her after. I did. What an absolute doll!! Sweet. Intelligent. Caring. Sexy. Gorgeous. Shapely. Everything in one package. You cannot go wrong with this choice. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!
This review will be short and sweet: "When you've been f_____ed by Asia, the Caramel Princess . . . you stay f_____ed for awhile." 🙂
An adventure beyond what I expected. I had no idea one lady could be ... this ... IMPRESSIVE. I was "taking a chance" ? Well ... maybe, but: so glad I did. . . . and a sweet young lady. The "girl next door" ... who is incredible in every way. There is nothing about her or about our time together that I would change. NOTHING. . . . and this is a rare thing to say (at least for me). Will I be back ? Oh, YES.
Once again: Magnificent. The Caramel Princess with the Magic Touch (no matter where she touches) ... casts her spell her magic. She has perfect everything , including perfect breasts and perfect ... well, you should find out the details ... about those perfect breasts ... yourself. She is ... "a visit" ... only a fool would miss. She is ........ MAGNIFICENT.
Asia is . . . the Caramel Princess, and she is . . . WONDERFUL ... is the best word to describe a visit with this gorgeous, unbelievable lady. She is young, but ... she "has wisdom beyond her years." TRUST ME. ALSO: Her pictures ... as the old saying goes: " . . . do not do her justice." She will seem a bit shy, but "reserved" is more like it. THAT is when you first meet. When you are alone with her ... what you will experience ... will exceed whatever you imagined. Asia has a sweet personality, too. And she ... "knows how to act, and how to be." Did I mention that she is GORGEOUS ? Because she is. Somehow she combines "the girl next door you never met" AND ... your most extravagant dreams. She will hypnotize you with those beautiful eyes. But you won't mind. and when you leave, you will conclude that you just had a visit with a gorgeous, classy lady. And you'll be right.
I only chatted with Asia at the bar, but people must understand that these lovely photos don't quite do her justice. In-person, she's just insanely hot and very nice
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