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APRIL 4 – 26

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I finally got my first visit to Mustang Ranch. Chelsea London made my first experience a systematic plan to return at every possible chance. Stunning lady and so caring and sweet. Impossible to resist her charms. I'm Looking forward to our next date! Thanks again, Chelsea!
I had a fantastic time with Chelsea London. She was very accommodating in price negotiations, really down to earth, and puts you at ease. I had a great party with multiple highlights. I can’t wait to hook up again next time I’m in Reno.
I had a suite time with Chelsea London! She staggers, there's no way other to describe it!! Super-beautiful, relaxed, loving -- the absolute best!
Talk about class. Chelsea London took care of my needs in every way, treated me with class and respect to the fullest. I can't wait for the chance to see her again. The conversation was amazing, and the fun in the bedroom was what dreams are made of. Thank you
My husband and I decided for me to try a new experience with a lady. I wanted the full experience with a woman, and my husband was more than happy to be involved in bringing me this pleasure. The three of us enjoyed much fun. Chelsea was wonderful, flexible, giving, and shared pleasant moments of the Mustang Ranch. Thank you, Chelsea.
Chelsea is one hot lady. We met up at the bar and I just couldn't take my eyes off her or her beautiful big boobies. WOW! She gave me a tour of the property, we hit the negotiation room and then we were off to her suite for a roll in the hay, and what a roll it was. Thank you very much Chelsea.
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