Olivia Lush

Bust: 36C
Waist: 27
Hips: 38
Height: 5’4”


Are you looking to make a real connection and unsure who to choose when looking at the sea of faces? I understand that journey, and I’m here to change the way you look at that decision.


JULY 11 – 21

AUGUST 15 – 25


OCTOBER 10 – 20


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Before I put my makeup on in the morning, I have to take a deep breath and decide to come out of my shell. We all have a unique journey. It’s part of the human experience, and finding a person to share your unique journey with can be daunting; I’m going to take a different approach than you might have in your mind as you browse, unsure, through the mosaic of women striking mannequin poses in their underwear.

A Brazilian native and world traveler at a young age, I’ve seen so much. Making real human connections takes vulnerability, honesty, and someone prepared to listen. It’s hard to look at a sea of photographs and choose a pair of eyes with that special something behind them, that spark that you feel you can connect to.
It feels like a gamble when what you really need to know is that you’ve found the right person so you can switch the focus to what’s been missing in your life. I know that all too well.

Are you lonely?
Has it been a long time since you’ve felt a caring touch or the intensity of a first date with chemistry that leaves you daydreaming?
Do the memories of another person’s genuine enthusiasm and want haunt you and make you long for things you feel are out of reach?

Human connection, real human connection, is a need more primal than many of us want to give words to, and it takes trust. I’m willing to earn that trust and find out what made the journey that brought you to the first time you saw my smile so unique and what made you want to visit in the first place. It matters. You matter.

So many beautiful women flock here, but you probably know all too well that sometimes being a pretty face can keep a person from investing in the growth and challenge that makes them worth spending time with. Being ‘attractive’ can offer too many shortcuts in today’s world, making personal growth a questionable topic.
In my travels around the world, I’ve seen amazing things, seen things that break my heart, and learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. I stopped being nothing more than a pretty face a long time ago. I’d love to tell you about it over dinner. Did you know that we don’t have to stay here? That we can design our own adventure?

I want to hear about your passions and explore the parts of you that feel like they’ve been neglected or feel like they’re missing from the waking world. I want you to find exactly what you’re looking for, but you’ll need to trust me to share it and trust me to help you find it!
When I’m truly comfortable with another human being because I can feel their respect and their honesty, I open up. I can be incredibly direct and intense. I can be the person who lets you abandon control and take the reins, so you don’t have to, or I can be the whisper you’ve been desperate to hear in your ear. It takes trusting yourself, trusting me, and being willing to share.

I take the responsibility of knowing that our time together will be indelibly etched in your memory for years to come, and I want that memory to be perfect.

Discovering the depth of a human connection takes time, and I’m willing to invest that time if you are. In all my world travels, I’ve found that waking up in the arms of someone that lets you be yourself and is genuine in return is a loftier destination than the peaks of the Andes or the sea of stars under the right night sky and the journey can be twice as worthwhile.

Do you have physical challenges? Do your joints ache? Does something feel like it doesn’t work the way it used to, and it makes you feel intimidated about connecting? I won’t care. Connection isn’t about that, and in my journey of self-exploration, the study of the intimate workings of the human body, and my willingness to face challenges head-on, you may find I have answers to the questions you’re afraid to ask!
Let yourself get lost in a kiss again. It’s time.


I’ve learned that kindness and compassion are in short supply. I have four rescue dogs who brighten my day with a smile every morning, and my travels around the world have given me tastes of incredible food, let me take in breathtaking sights, and taught me so much about who I am.
I used to be afraid to explore a woman’s body, despite my attraction and curiosity, and now that I’ve come full circle, I can say with absolute fidelity that I understand what makes that process feel a little overwhelming.

On my travels, I’ve been lucky enough to have been pulled into a bedroom by more than one woman or even a couple whose eyes met mine across a room. I’ve learned that communication but also self-exploration can be the most honest and also the most frustrating journey you can take not only as an individual but also as a couple. If you’re looking for someone who will take what makes your relationship with yourself or your partner so special seriously, you’ve just found the right person. Your boundaries are my boundaries.

I started out quite shy, so I know the agony of feeling invisible. I bring that experience to every new person I meet, so you can count on me understanding if you’re a little nervous. It’s part of being human. Being patient and kind to yourself and keeping good company who does the same is always the best way to move past it.

I’d love to know what we have in common.
The journey of a thousand leagues starts with a single step. Take yours. Please email me and share what you’re passionate about! I bet we have more in common than you think.


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Thinking back about it, I found it hard to believe that in my many trips to the Mustang Ranch, I never had any contact with Olivia Lush. That all changed last November when I was enjoying lunch with the beautiful Jade Orchid and Jade brought Olivia over to our table to introduce her. It was just the basic introduction for us to know each other since I already had my appointments set for Nov and Dec. During the off season, we exchanged emails several times and got to know each other very well before we made plans for a party when we returned in April. I arrived at the Ranch a few days before Olivia so the day of our party was the first time that we had to get together. We met in the Spanish Suite and I was immediately impressed with how beautiful, fit and sophisticated Olivia was. We spent the day together, including a wonderful special dinner the Chef Jeff and his staff prepared for us. Unfortunately, I was leaving very early the next morning, so I had to get a little sleep. I definitely will be making plans to party with Olivia again and I highly recommend her to other guests at the Ranch.
I reached out to Olivia and she responded within hours of receiving my email. Olivia was graciously open to scheduling a phone call with me for me to evaluate whether our personalities would match. During the call I was able to express in advance what we wanted out of the encounter, ask my many questions and exchange our limitations. Olivia was so kind and non-judgmental during our call. I was so comfortable at the end of our call that I was starting to get excited by the prospect of our time together. Olivia’s spreads in Playboy capture just part of her beauty. In short, there is absolutely no bait and switch with Olivia. She is very beautiful with tantalizing skin and a voluptuous physique. The encounter started very seamlessly and naturally. The whole encounter was beyond amazing. Olivia made sure that we were both involved and that no one was a spectator and covered all the bases we discussed. She is so much more sexy in person with a great sense of humor that made us feel like we were catching up with an old friend and not a stranger. Olivia helped my husband and I create a lasting secret for the two of us to share. The Ranch gave a complimentary meal, which was highly necessary after our three hour session. Olivia joined us for dinner and we continued the conversations we started during the encounter. Olivia is an exceptional conversationalist and has so many interesting experiences as a consummate world traveler. We hope to visit Olivia again soon. If you are a couple looking for a safe, sexy experience with someone who will respect your boundaries look no further than Olivia Lush!
J & M
I recently had the privilege of spending some time with Olivia. I was a first-timer. I chose Olivia because she conveys beauty, passion, elegance, and sensitivity through her website and images. She did not disappoint me. We had a lovely date that included lively, fun conversation, a little romantic dancing, some intimate massage, and I’m sure you can imagine the rest. Before our date, there were several months when we emailed each other. Some of the emails were about logistics, but we also had fun getting to know each other. I love that Olivia is well-traveled, well-read, and has a deep knowledge of human psychology that combines beautifully with her compassion for people. Whether you’re a new guy like me or you’ve been around the block a few times, I highly recommend spending some time with Olivia. Happy New Year!
On My first visit to the mustang ranch, I had the absolute fortune to meet Olivia Lush. After the tour, a party was negotiated and then an unforgettable experience. Olivia is beautiful and passionate beyond belief. Thank you, Olivia!
Olivia was a great host. My wife and I are very grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting her. Even though my wife was skeptical, Olivia made sure she enjoyed every minute of our meeting. Thank you, Olivia, for showing us a good time. My wife and I will never forget that night. I highly recommend Olivia for an unforgettable couples night out.
Happy Couple
Lush: sexually attractive, rich, and providing great sensory pleasure. The description is only a taste of the allure of Olivia Lush. A true Goddess, her natural beauty and pleasant smile caught my eye instantly. We enjoyed a few drinks in the lounge and conversed about our love of travel. Soon we were off to the pool, no clothes required, and continued to enjoy each other’s conversation while also getting to know each other more intimately. Her figure is beyond captivating, and the way she kept her hair up in the pool was simply the visual definition of cuteness. She then took me to the Dungeon, where she gave me masterful instruction on how to be a good boy. I highly recommend Olivia Lush. She will provide you with a date that you will never forget.
Read carefully the description she gives of herself and what awaits those who come to know her and spend time with her. She does indeed provide a safe and very inviting haven. My time with her went way beyond the basic biological ins and outs. We went from a wonderful round of self-stimulation to numerous positions, to oral and back again. Then I chose to hand her the reins and let her take over. Don't miss a chance at seeing Olivia with her strap-on in place. She is indeed" an expert in both worlds." Look deeply into those eyes and let yourself go. I did and enjoyed not just the physical release but also the intimacy we all want and need. If you are smart enough and lucky enough to go visit her, ask about her tear of joy. A moment I will never forget. And of course, then there was the second night!!! We went for a wonderful GFE with all the trimmings. Trust her, and you will be rewarded with memories to cherish. She is a wonderful combination of naughty and nice. My parties reflected that. Olivia Lush is not only beautiful but a true courtesan of the finest kind. Do not hesitate- Life is too short.
Olivia Lush was absolutely wonderful, with her skin made of silk. Very happy to have had met her.
I was hooked on Olivia after researching her on the internet. She puts herself out there very well. Not only her beauty is showcased, but she reveals herself in so many ways. She has worked hard in many fields and is now very content with what she is doing. This translates into a very engaging and satisfying experience for anyone lucky enough to hook up with her. I was one of the lucky ones. When we met, I found the person I had read about - it was all true and in the flesh and oh what flesh. We shared three parties, and it just kept getting better and better. She will make you feel whole again in case its been a while. Her mind is her best asset, and she enjoys using it to help others. Not only that, but she loves sex in general not to mention all the other somewhat less traveled roads she is an expert in. I will be back.
Olivia was an absolute wonder of a woman who took the time to approach me and make me feel comfortable while I was very nervous, after a nice long conversation she made sure I was well accommodated and showed me wonderful time making sure all my needs were met, her personality was fun, and she was sure to find common ground making things far more easy and enjoyable she made for a 10/10 experience, and I would easily recommend her to any visitors.
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