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June 14 - July 3









Review - Bella is a gorgeous young lady. She has a way of making you feel so comfortable around her. She is brilliant, sexy, sweet & in short, totally fabulous. I will be back to see her. Leroy
Review - Bella was a great first-time party. I wasn't even there for myself, but her beauty, poise, and captivating presence made it impossible for me to go away without spending time with her. She is so sexy, Intelligent, and very attentive. I defiantly will be back to party with Bella. Jason 2021-10-07
Review - Bella is a sexy lady, and she's easy to talk to, and we had a great time. Rich 2021-07-21
Review - I saw Bella again. Another incredible time. Rich 2021-09-30
Review - Bella is so fantastic.  Intelligent, pretty, and oh, so sexy. My plans fell thru the other night for another party, and I was so lucky to meet Bella. The negotiations were quick and honest, and the next thing I knew, I was off to the best "First" party that I have ever had. She is definitely in the right line of work. We immediately connected, and she knew how to please me like we had been together many times before. I can't wait for round two! You're missing out if you don't give Bella a try. Donnie 2021-08-19