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Hometown: Texas
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Age: 27
Bust 34C
Waist 24
Hips 35
Height 5' 2"
Weight: 115
Turn-On's: When a man gives me a massage and loves to cuddle.
Favorite Position: Spooning
GFE: Yes, I am the ultimate girlfriend experience.
What makes me smile: When I am able to make someone smile


Review - I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Carrera's company. Also, the food was yummy, and the staff is so friendly. I will be back soon !!
Review - I partied with Carrera before Thanksgiving when I got stuck in Reno on business. I emailed her to let her know that I had some free time and would love to spend it with her. She replied very quickly and made it easy to set up the date at the ranch. I only wanted a couple of hrs, but that quickly changed after I got to know her a little. I stayed until late, and then the house was so kind as to giving me a ride back to my air b&b !! I will definitely be back this summer to see her. Take care, thx Ben!!
Review - I found myself in Reno on business and knew the famous Mustang Ranch was nearby, so I had to visit.  I was a bit apprehensive as this was my first visit and I did not know exactly what to expect.  I met Carrera at the bar, and we struck up a conversation.  She is very attractive and very much the type of woman I am drawn to; long strawberry blond hair, petite figure, and a great smile.  She really helped to put me at ease. She gave me a tour, made the negotiation process go very smoothly (one those steps that I think all first timers like me are nervous about), and then to her room.  I certainly had a great time.  I have a few little kinks, like tickling, that she seemed to enjoy as well.  She took great care of me that evening, and I will certainly be back.  
Thank You, Carrera...,
Ken 2019-05-08
Review - I had so much fun the night we  spent together she was very loving and kind a truly good soul thank you, Carrera
Yours always Terry McCuen 2019-05-06
Review - I booked a vacation for myself to go skiing in Lake Tahoe and then drive down and have a session with Miss Carrera.  She is definitely the girl next door.  She's also very smart and just a lot of fun to be around.  The Mustang Ranch was even more than I expected. Very clean, great food and the staff was fun. I also didn't feel pressured which was really important to me. I will for sure go back again hopefully in the summer. Now that I know how things work, I would feel comfortable with an outdate next time. Can't wait to go back and thanks so much, Carrera !!!
Your friend Phillip 2019-03-21
Review - Carrera, thx so much for treating me like a king. You are one of the sexiest yet classy ladies I've ever been with, and I hope to see you again sometime soon.
Love Nick 2019-01-25
Review - I give Carrera a definite 5 stars, and I will be back to see her again !!! 
J 2018-12-1
Review - Well, I will start out saying that Carrera looks exactly like her pics and video or even better in person. She's petite but just right and very friendly. I made a 4-hour appointment with her over the weekend and loved every minute with miss Carrera. I can't wait to return, and it will be with Carrera. I really appreciate the Mustang as well; food was awesome as so was  the eye candy 
T 2018-11-07
Review - Carrera really made me feel comfortable and gave me the best GFE experience  I have ever had. I will be back soon to see her.
Teddy 2018-10-22
Review - All I'm going to say is wow and thank you, Carrera, for being a genuine person. You have given me something to look forward to baby.
S 2018-10-19 
Review - I just wanted to say that Carrera is awesome and really knows what she's doing. I had such a wonderful experience and would love to go back to see her again. Again thx so so much and what a wonderful person. Thx 
Jason 2018-10-16
Review - I had a wonderful time with Carrera. She is so petite and beautiful and her hair, her fucking hair is like no other. She spent 2 hot hours with me and really took care of me in all the ways that I wanted. I love her perfect little red bush too. I'll be back very soon to take Carrera for another ride. Thank you!
John 2018-05-23


Review - After many visits to the ranch, I finally got the chance to party with Carrera what an amazing lady.
lumberjack0306 2017-04-15

Review - I was sitting at the bar waiting for someone to come in and play when Carrera approached me and asked if I would like to play some strip poker with her and her guest. Of course, I wanted an opportunity to spend some time with my dear friend I had not seen in over a year, so I did. We started with a few drinks and decided to order a fruit platter and a shrimp platter yummy. Then we got our game started. We played several rounds of 5 card poker. Each of us taking each other's clothes off as we played. This was my first time playing strip poker, and all I can say was wow. I ended up winning, however, our guest was the real winner in the end.
Jaylynn  2017-01-19