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Breast: All-natural 38 DD
Waist: 30
Hips: 42
Height: 5' 2"
Turn Ons: I love becoming friends with my customers through great conversation and of course, exploring each other's bodies by having wicked awesome sex!
Favorite Position: Missionary and Doggie-style
GFE: Yes
What makes me happy: Making my partner happy!
Wishlist: To make a difference in my new friend's lives by allowing them to forget about all their problems, even if it is just for an hour or two.
Ethnicity: French
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Age: old enough to know better
Tattoos: Yes
Hello, I'm Dennae.
I'm originally from Boston, so having a sharp sense of humor is a huge turn on to me.  I love my job! I feel as though it's my calling! Every day brings new adventures, and being able to enjoy those with my customers makes this the most fabulous job in the world! I love getting intimate with my partner in many different aspects but talking and learning about what makes them unique is what I enjoy the most aside from the awesome sex of course. I guarantee my Boston accent and quick-witted comebacks are sure to lead to a fun, sexy, soothing experience!
Much love,



Review - Dennae is one really sweet, sexy, patient, and encouraging lady.  I had a return visit today, and she really took care of me well.  Witty and easy to talk to, she is perhaps the best example of what makes the Mustang Ranch/Wildhorse the classiest brothel anywhere.  She makes my fairly long trip worthwhile and satisfies my ego in addition to my physical needs.  On a five star scale, she rates 69 stars.
Review - Dennae, thanks for the great visit. You are a beautiful lady inside and out. Thanks for taking your time and the interesting conversation.
2020-01-20 BC
Review - Dennae was so friendly I just couldn’t resist spending a few hours with her. She made me feel so comfortable, and we had fun making each other cum.  Definitely worth another visit sooner rather than later.
Review - Boston's Finest ever!!  Dennae is all about pleasure - yours and hers.  I'm on a super-happiness high after being with her and can't wait to get back to her!
Review - Not only is Dennae lovely, generously endowed, and a great fuck toy, but she brings an enthusiasm for pleasure that really helps us dirty old men. She is outstanding for making senior gentlemen like me resume the fucking and sucking we either enjoyed or missed in our younger days, supplying the stamina we may feel we lack in our "golden years."  If your sex life has dropped to the point where you watch golf to see if the little ball can get into the cup, visit Dennae and learn how she pleases your balls as you make par, again (and again) with the only hole that really matters.  Hell, even if your sex life remains at the raging bull level, she is a great, responsive and a creative lay.  Don't miss this amazing lady.
Review - I've been a regular of Dennae's for over two years.  This angel will make you smile from ear to ear after every visit.  She truly makes you forget all of your problems and worries and will give you an experience you won't soon forget.  She is a gorgeous woman inside and out, and I am always excited to see her again the next visit. She might just change your life.  She has mine!
Brian Hawk 2019-09-20
Review - My wife and I decided we wanted to fulfill a fantasy of having a threesome without potential drama.   Dennae made us both feel very comfortable, and we had a great experience. We will definitely party with her again.
Review - WOW, don’t  waste your time with anyone else, Dennae will make you feel like your 20 years old again,  I was only in town for a few days and was only going to visit “the ranch” once but after meeting Dennae  I was addicted  and went back for her every day I was there  including the morning I was gonna fly out.  She is 100% real... her personality, body, everything!!!  I can’t wait to return!!!   THANK YOU Dennae.
Gary 2019-05-22
Review - I had a lovely few hours with the sexy Dennae and can't wait to come back.
Bday Joe 2019-05-24
Review - Guys, get naked with Dennae, this cutie from Bean Town. I rolled around with her yesterday, great fun. She'll give you a stiffie in just a few moments. I got her to cum, and shortly after, I came too. Money well spent. She's a sweetheart.
Pat McGroin 2019-05-21
Review - Had the pleasure of spending the day with this lovely woman.  She’s very passionate at what she does, still drives me wild thinking about our time together. Definitely will be back to see her again, thanks Dennae until next time.
G 2019-03-21
Review - We had the pleasure of spending some time with Dennae. It was my 1st threesome and my wife's 1st time ever being with another woman. Dennae was amazing, and she spent some time with us just talking and getting to know us on a personal level first. Then after we felt comfortable and knew this was the woman we wanted to share this experience with, we headed to the back parlor.
Dennae never made us feel pressured during the negotiation process, and after coming to an agreement, we headed to the rooms. We showered and jumped right into it. It was so exotic watching my wife and Dennae together. She definitely knows what she's doing, and made my wife feel relaxed and helped her really get into it. She then turned her attention to me, and I have to say, it was all that I had hoped it would be. We're already planning our next visit to the Ranch, and it'll definitely be with Dennae again. Thank you for a great experience.
Philip 2019-2-28
Review - My husband and I had a party with Dennae last month! Wow, she is so super sweet and made or first threesome fantastic!  Easy to talk to and made us feel very comfortable!  I felt like she really enjoyed our time together and I know we did!!!
T 2018-07-05
Review - I have stopped in a few times but just had a drink and left. I had a few minutes to spare, so I stopped in on my way to Vegas. And meet this Beauty visited a little bit in the bar. Told her I would see her on the return home. As I pulled in on the bike, I was pretty nervous. When I got inside they paged her she is a very pretty lady...she gives me the tour, and we went to her room. I'm an older guy. But let me tell you I felt like she was my high school girlfriend. I just wish my high school girlfriend did what Dennae did for me was amazing. When I go back through you, know who I will be seeing. Next time I'm bringing a pair of leather Harley shapes for her change some things up. Women always look good in leathers.  
Biker Dude 2018-06-14
Review - Dennae was indescribable. I sometimes have difficulties down there, but she was so sexy and hot that I felt like a young man again. She reaches orgasm so easily that I felt like a super stud. After I finished her off a couple of times, I was ready, and she had skills that I'm not sure I've ever experienced before. I will definitely return to her and the sooner, the better. 
Rick 2017-12-16

Review - Because I love to float in a sea of sensual eroticism, I would spend more time than I care to admit with Miss Dennae. She, a buxom beauty, a voluptuous vamp, seduced me with her womanly charms to the extent that I engaged her a second time the next day. She enchanted me so; I was blind with the need to see her again. Let me be clear, I usually refer to myself as a bisexual lesbian, but after visiting with Dennae, I believe I need to rethink that label. Best I drop the bisexual part and just leave it at lesbian. You men out there who like to play as a couple with your sweetie better be careful because Dennae will captivate her, as she did me, and as a consequence, you will be limited to watching as the two intertwine their bodies in sweet sexual harmony. But you, sir, will not be disappointed, because Dennae will light your sweetie afire. You'll have to extinguish her flames she'll be all over you with lust. Dennae's launched me to erotic intensities similar to Mt Vesuvius volcanic explosions. What's more, she unleashed in me orgasms that washed over me like a dam releasing floods of bliss. And I believe Dennae appreciated my reciprocal ministrations. If you indulge her likewise, I can hardly imagine she would not disappoint you in the energy department. She sort of booms along, hitting that high spot again and again, like that funny bunny you see on TV. But all of that aside, Miss Dennae is an honest, open and welcoming woman with a rich sense of humor who lets you relax into yourself, lets you be who you are, endomorph or ectomorph, introvert or extrovert, gay, bi, straight, silly, serious, ticklish. She can be your friend, lover, and high priestess of all things sexual. Finally, Dennae, tho open person she is, allowed me to express myself as I chose. With her, I sailed the waves of pleasure as a sailor bound for the islands of delight. 
PrettyNefertiti 2017-12-15

Review - She was amazing. Cant even explain. She tasted like candy. Thank you. 
Coach 2017-11-21
Review -I talked with Dennie in the bar, and she made me feel very comfortable. From there we retired to her room where she was and is one fantastic woman! I'm an older gentleman, and she made me feel like I was 20 again. One awesome woman. I Will definitely see her again. Thank you, young lady. 
Gary 2017-11-15

Review - I had an amazing time with Dennae. She is willing to meet all your needs. If you want to have, a great time check out Dennae. She will knock your socks off. 
Lonely 2017-10-13
Review - Dennae is wicked awesome. She has a gentle personality and is genuine. I was lucky to walk in the door and run into Dennae. Our time together was passionate and sexy. She definitely knows what she's doing. Perfect soft skin and just enough color. Loved it. 
Pedro 2017-10-09

Review - This amazing lady is the best-kept secret in the house. Dennae is an amazing, compassionate, sexy woman who you will always have an incredible time with. Stupid me for waiting eight months to return to her arms. Get lost in her eyes, her firm breast, and her soft touch, she knows just what you need, and you will leave feeling like a man who knows he has been with the best. Thank you Dennae, you always know what I need. 
Prowler  2017-09-24

Review - Dennae is awesome. She makes you feel like an old friend from the start. I will definitely visit again! 
Joe 2017-09-22

Review - Wonderful, and professional. She made me feel comfortable. Best experience! 
Marcus 2017-08-20

Review - Well after attempting to work up the nerve to visit The Mustang Ranch two times earlier this year and failing, I worked up the nerve to finally stop the other day. I had been scoping out the ladies on the website, and one of those that caught my eye was Dennae. As luck would have it, she was the first one to approach when I walked in. It was pretty obvious how nervous I was since it was my first time to a brothel. She quickly calmed my nerves and offered me a house tour. She was so girl next door. We did our tour and then started our party. She and her natural double D's are magnificent. I had made some "preparations" to help ensure that the party lasted longer than usual. It required a little extra work on her part, but she didn't seem to mind and kept caressing and working me over until everything came out fine. My experience with Dennae has given me a different outlook on life and bounce in my step again, and I can't wait to visit her again. Unfortunately, she won't be there when I return next, but maybe I can find someone to join us next time. You won't be disappointed with Dennae! Thank You Dennae for a wonderful afternoon. 
Andrew 2017-07-16

Review - Dennae you are wonderful! Thanks for a great time. You exceeded my expectations, and I would love to see you again. You made me feel comfortable and happy that I picked you. And PS - My friends did have my license all along. See you soon! 
Neal 2017-07-09

Review - Being my first time, I found miss Dennae sitting at the bar and her and I started talking. It didn't take long that she made my nerves relax and she made me feel very comfortable. At no point did I feel rushed. After a while, she took me on the tour of the property and then we negotiated our terms. We went to her room, and she made me feel welcome and that it was all about me. I just want to say thank you for an amazing time and the time was worth it. Miss Dennae you are a very beautiful woman, and all natural and so soft to hold. I can't wait to make it back to spend more time with this you. 
Lloyd 2017-06-06

Review - If you want a special lady that will make you feel at ease, then you will need to spend some quality time with Dennae. She is beautiful, smart, charming and witty. And not to mention she has a body of goddess. I had such a great time with her. I will definitely be coming back to see her! 
KentuckyJohn 2017-05-29

Review - I'm in my mid 50's, I live in Ohio, and I haven't had sex in 12 years. This was my first visit here in 20 years. I saw her on the website, and I booked her for an appointment, and I wasn't sure what to expect. From the minute I saw her she gave me more warmth and sensitivity than anybody at The Mustang Ranch ever had. She took me on a tour of the ranch without me asking and then we sat down and talked. She knew I was a little nervous, but she cooled me out almost immediately. Afterward, we got into it, and she was fantastic. She was so giving, so complimentary, and so patient with me. Afterward, we actually cuddled, and we had a great talk. She didn't have to tell me so much about her life, but she was so open and so relatable. Later we had dinner together, and she was still great and the hug she gave me when we said goodbye was just as strong as the first. Dennae, I'll never forget how you made me smile and laugh and the way you looked when you came out of the shower. The best thing to hold is each other, and you're the first woman in many years who knew how to touch me. My best to your family in Boston and Vegas and I can't wait to read your book. To quote Sly and the Family Stone: Thank you for letting me be myself again. I don't know if I said this enough so I'll say it again: THANK YOU, DENNAE! 
Chris 2017-05-28

Review - Dennae was a blast, very genuine and sensual. She is a lovely kisser as well! 
Easy G 2017-04-15

Review - She was amazing! 
Coach 2017-03-18

Review - I was nervous as it was my first time at The Mustang Ranch, but as soon as I mosied up to the bar Dennae was there to say hi, and we started some friendly banter. After 5-10 minutes of chatting, I made the decision that I needed someone like Dennae to help calm my nerves and show me how to "party" at The Ranch. I'm so glad I did as I had a perfect time with her. She's very easy to talk to, and I love that we were able to have an intelligent conversation. I think that just attracted me more to her. She's got amazing skills and a fantastic body. I won't go into any more details other than I left very satisfied and with a huge smile on my face. Thanks, Dennae! 
Scott 2017-03-14

Review - Two parties over two days with this spectacular lady has put the sunshine back into my day. A week later, I have visions of her that bring a smile to my face, and I find an inner peace that I did not have before my time with her. I guess that's why I keep returning to her and her firm natural breasts. For me, this lady has fixed my mind, body, and soul during deeply religious experiences that all end with both of us screaming "Oh, God, Oh, God!". I think I had the GFE of my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for what you do. You are a credit to the profession! 
Prowler 2017-01-24

Review - Dennae was wonderful. She is so sweet and so sexy that I couldn't take my hands off her beautiful big breasts. Her facial features are adorable, and she tried so hard to please me. I will go back to see her when I have a chance. I had a great experience with her. 
Dave 2017-01-15

Review - I didn't plan to have four parties with Dennae in two days, but after the first one, I knew I had to have as much time with her as I could. She has firm breasts and is tight in all the right places. She is an incredible person if you take time to get to know her, and I am glad I did. I cannot get her out of my head. I will return soon, for the warm touch of her skin, companionship, and the time of my life. If you want an incredible brothel experience, do not overlook this fantastic lady! 
Anonymous 2016-12-10

Review - I met Dennae in the bar. She put me at ease; we had a friendly conversation. She was a good listener. She also told funny and interesting stories and made me want to be with her for company, not just for the party. I'd never been to The Mustang Ranch before, so after about 20 minutes of happy talking and listening, I asked for a tour. She gave me one. As we walked back into the lobby, the shift manager told me to be seated for a "line up" of the ladies. Before I did, Dennae whispered for me to pick her. I then saw and shook hands with a parade of lovely women wearing very little. However, since I hadn't spoken with any of them, and I already liked Dennae, I chose her. She made me want to be with her for talking and cuddling, in addition to happy sliding. We negotiated a mutually agreeable deal, she checked me out for unwanted passengers, noted that I didn't just say that I liked her, and led me by the hand to her room. At first, I just wanted to talk and to cuddle with a beautiful and friendly naked woman, but I was also really starting to like her. She kept me at ease, made lots of jokes, told me to lie down, and slid her lovely cleavage and breasts along my now rock-hard cock. It felt great, but I still just wanted to hold her, stroke her, and talk. We did, for quite a while. She cuddled up to me, told me how she liked to be touched (and how she didn't), and we enjoyed one another's company. She told me she loved my gentle touch and seemed in no hurry to stop either the mouth or the fingertip conversations. Eventually, an unpleasant-sounding announcement on an intercom informed Dennae and I that an hour had passed. She told me to ignore it. After yet more bedded bliss, she informed me that, despite my reminding her that I'd paid for naked stroking and digital pleasures only, "You know you're going to fuck me." I hadn't realized that, but when she slid a condom onto my hard and dripping dick and started energetically sucking it, I finally got a clue. She told me not to hold back and that she'd let me come again inside her. Despite her enthusiastic slurping, I didn't. Felt great, but I was so relaxed with her that there was no nervousness to force me to cum. It just felt good. In response, she told me that she was "going to rape me." As she later noted, "You can't rape the willing." I was. She'd seen to that. She climbed on top of me, slid me, insider, her, and I bucked as hard as she fucked. Pushed her shoulders down to press all the way insider her. She felt tight around me. Still didn't cum, just felt good until she told me to climb on top of her. I did, fucked her as hard as she wanted. After a couple of minutes, I slid her heels up onto my shoulders, felt her tighten even more, and slid together with her until I came. She made sure I'd finished feeling the best of it and carefully slid the condom out still on me (wasn't too hard, since I still was). Even after she'd finished me off and cleaned me up, we had a good time talking. She walked me out to the side door, and we said goodbye. I felt more like I'd had fun with a friend than that I'd just paid for warm and friendly friction. Had both. She's great. Give Dennae a try, but be a gentleman. She'll more than return the favor. Enjoy the stories, too. 
Steve 2016-10-01

Review - Had a great time and would highly recommend Dennae. I will definitely do an out-date next time. Those nature double D's are very nice, but that is not all that is special about Dennae. Awesome Woman. Wicked Good. 
Computer Guy 2016-09-24


Review - Dennae is a beautiful and special woman. By the end of our session, I wished for years, not hours. I hated to go and was not rushed out. Dennae made me feel like she hated to see me go as well. I will keep her in my heart. Thanks, Dennae. 
P 68 2016-09-20

Review - Thank you for a great time. I'm really glad I was able to get up the courage to make it through the front door. You gave me a lot of confidence going forward. If you are nervous, I would definitely recommend talking to Dennae. Hope to be able to come back. 
Brian 2016-07-26

Review - This lady set my soul on fire the moment I felt her warm women's touch I knew at that moment she was a very special lady. She made me very comfortable. As a man, I can't wait to see her again. She is a true gem. Thank you for the most amazing time. Lots of love. See you soon. 
Nick 2016-07-19
Review - This lady sets my soul on fire. My heart melted the moment she talked to me, and I felt her warm women's touch. This lady has class and knows to treat a man right. Take it from a man who has seen the world; she's a true gem. A very understanding lady, very sexy and lovely and she is everything I ever dreamed of. I can wait to to see her again. Thank you for the most amazing time. Dee you soon. Lots of love 
Cute Guy 2016-07-18

Review - I'm a teacher from the first continent. This was supposed to one more thing to cross off my bucket list. You were right. I am not going to cross it off. You gave me an experience I just cannot forget. This one is off the bucket list because I am coming back to you for more!
Sam 2016-07-08

Review - Extra special Lady. It was the Best experience I ever had with a woman. She makes you feel relaxed and comfortable which made the party extra special. Also, even though it was the end of her day, the time we spent together was not rushed. Thanks again Dennae!

Rik 2016-07-03

Review - I had a very enjoyable time with Dennae. Did an outcall with her for two days. Had fun taking in a couple of shows, dinners and hanging out by the pool. Also, we had fun shopping at Walmart together. Dennae is a very down to earth lady, fun, intelligent, and witty. As you can see by her photos, she is a very beautiful lady. A natural beauty. She is a very passionate lover. I had a very close and personal connection with her. I felt very relaxed with her as she did with me. Thanks Dennae for such a memorable time. See you soon.
Steve 2016-06-21
Review - Wow, what a weekend at The Mustang Ranch! It was a little intimidating in the beginning, but all the ladies made me feel comfortable. After a tour with one of the ladies, Dennae came over, and we talked for a little, I had a party with Dennae that was Friday afternoon and stayed the weekend. Dennae was sexy, knows how to pleasure you and I enjoyed just hanging with her at the bar! We partied a number of times, and she made the weekend for me! A gorgeous sexy lady! 
Keith 2016-06-10
Review - What a great lady Dennae is. She makes you feel very comfortable and that she enjoys your company. I know that I will be back to see her. Thanks Dennae for a great time. 
Pete 2016-06-06