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Name: Erica Lauren
Bust: 34 C
Waist: 27
Hips: 35
Height: 5' 6"
Turn-Ons: A smile, confidence, manners, and a great sense of humor
Favorite Position: Me on top or you on top
GFE: I love GFE! It's my favorite party
Recipe To My Heart: Generosity and a kind heart
What Makes Me Smile: If I'm having fun, I'm smiling and even laughing
Wishlist: Yes, I have one on Amazon… but my party wish list is that a fun, kind, generous man has an amazing time with me!








Review - I love Erica she is sexy and hot and knows how to work that hot golden sweet pussy of hers. I would love to meet her and have a fun, enjoyable time with her.
Review - For a few years, I was always intimidated by Erica... porn star, beautiful, poised and always seemed to have her self together.  Erica is one that makes the experience about “you” not her. Finally sat down with Erica and she is a wonderful conversationalist.  She immediately puts you at ease.  Unfortunately, she was called to a lineup and then gone for a period of time.
Immediately up her return, I decided to see her.  Follow the forum! Erica is beautiful, SO well poised and professional.  Erica was very sensitive to my needs and apprehensions.  I will truly see her again sooner than later.  She is a beautiful lady.
T... 2018-06-01
Review - Least I can do is also add my praise. Chose Erica out of a rather extensive lineup because she just had something about her. After a short tour and our talk, she graciously consented to spend some time with me. Lucky me; beautiful eyes, wonderful smile, and she really knows how to make you feel great all over. A delight to talk with, joke around with, just be with. The absolute definition of the GFE.
Steve (BigBear)
Review - Erica is hot with a gorgeous smile, entrancing eyes, and an awesome body. She also seems to enjoy what she does very much. Trust me when I say that that means you’ll enjoy what she does even more.  A great laugh, a relaxed approach, and consummate skill led to an epic finish.  If you pass by Erica, you might be missing the time of your life.  
Philly 2018–4-6


Review - Erica is a charming woman with amazing sexual skills. I'm going to party with her again!
Gus 2017-12-30


Review - A party with Erica is a fantasy come true. She is skilled in every way of making your party exactly the greatest pleasure you can imagine. In our many talks, we have developed a great personal rapport which makes the actual party the icing on the cake. She is into almost everything on the menu and executed with great passion and kindness.
Rocket Tom 2017-09-28
Review - Beautiful place, beautiful ladies, and a beautiful time. Erica gave me the best BJ I have ever had. Then we went from there.
Old Hippie 2017-08-09
Review - Erica is beautiful, very smart and witty and makes you feel like your talking to a friend. Firstly she asks what type of party will make you happy and makes an effort to please. She has a wonderful laugh and focuses on the moment to bring you joy. She is very fit and extremely tight and knows how to use her kegels. I loved our time together and will visit again when she is available.
Tim 2017-05-22
Review -I was at the Wild Horse-on Sunday, July 24th. I had two very pretty ladies, Erica and Kelli, very warm and sexy. I would love to date them again. Thank you for your very yummy pussy.
Ken-the panty man 2016-07-24


Review - My time with Erica was fantastic. She is a very caring person, and she goes all out to meet my needs. Was caring and listened since I lost my wife's recently. I will look forward to seeing her soon. Could be tomorrow morning.
Don Kauffman 2016-04-22
Review - Erica sat beside me at the bar, where I told her my life love story. This was my first visit. She could tell I just needed some genuine TLC and we spent a magical evening together. We had wonderful conversations, she was an amazing lover, was attentive to my every need and want, and it was important to her that she made a difference in my life before I left there. She was very kind, very patient and I loved every second of our time together. Erica, thank you for spending time with me. Next time, I may wear my gorilla suit (just in case you didn't know who wrote this review).
Anonymous 2014-09-05
Review - One of the most beautiful, fit and wonderful ladies on our planet. Upbeat, positive, grounded, makes you feel comfortable. The first time was visiting Erica last week.
Doug 2014-07-24
Review - She was great full-service, good kisser, and she let me enjoy every part of her sweet little ass.
Dan 2014-02-07
Review - I loved the three hours we spent and enjoyed your smooth touch Erica. Thank you.
Dilla 2009-01-11