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Review - I drove out to MR. I didn't know what to expect that particular evening. There was a lady I hadn't seen before, in a fitted lace top with a black thong bottom. Very fit. Blonde natural hair cut to frame her face. I noticed her silhouette immediately. Her legs showed excellent "feminine" muscle definition, toned for sure, and she was petite. This lady I hadn't met before joined us as I was chatting with "Drew" at my table. I hadn't met this lady before, nor had I met Drew either, but I was absolutely in LOVE with "Fera." She had very little makeup, a gorgeous smile, and sparkling eyes, with her hairdo framing her beautiful face and her physique attested to her being a "personal trainer." She was smart as a whip, not an airhead. She had some definite savvy. As we chatted, I sipped on my Laphroig, thoroughly enjoying the "get to know you" conversation. I also commented that her "hairdo" completely framed and accented her face perfectly, straight with a curve stopping just below her well-defined jawline. "I usually do my hair." Wow, that was my response. More conversation between us, I noticed we were alone at the table as Drew and another gentleman decided to go "party." Then I asked, "Well, would a nice theoretical lady consider a theoretical intense/sensual/sexual encounter with a very interested theoretical client? She nodded vigorously, saying, "yes, I'd like that," and off we went. My heart and at least one other area were aching, thinking of being with her and having that beautiful face/lips/body/legs all to myself. OMG, it was going to happen. The negotiation was a breeze, and then we entered either the Spanish Villa or Asian Suite. I can't remember. I was not disappointed. At all. My God, what a sensual woman. Then to the bed, where we enjoyed various intense positions, cuddling and conversation. Then repeat the intensity of what truly was exceptional. I was sweating, and she was "misting," as ladies don't sweat(?) Smiley Face. She had goosebumps, and likewise for me. I have NEVER had such a sensual woman. It was unbelievable, and she was so turned on that she was sweating and had goosebumps. We both laughed at these subconscious responses. Hmm, we both were having fun! Such a fit torso, firm ass, and legs. I will let the readers of this review use their imagination. After our two hours, I was spent. Totally. Ridiculously satisfied. We then caressed and hugged and stroked each other in the mutual afterglow of "O!". This woman was amazing. It was so good that I ventured back to the MR the next night, and gosh gee shucks, there Drew Ryan was again, and off we went for another night of some of the best and most intense "joy and happiness" I've had in many, many years. Thank you, Ms. Fera. May you continue to stay healthy, and I can't wait to enjoy your presence again and again. Best, Geyser 2022-04-11
Review - Fera is amazing! Beautiful inside and out. Great conversation, intelligent and sexy. I had a great time with her and look forward to seeing her again! 2022-04-04