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Available October 13th - 28th







Eye Color:   Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Measurements:  36DDD, 26, 34
Height: 5’7”
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Peruvian food, Italian food  
Favorite Drink:  Pisco sour
Favorite Outfit:  Bra and panties
Favorite Gifts:  Flowers         
Lucky Number:  8
What’s your favorite place on your body?  Breasts
Do you do threesomes?  Yes because two girls is more fun than one  
Do you kiss? Yes, just depends
Do you do anal?  Yes  
Are you submissive?  Dominant?  Both?   Submissive
Your favorite sexual position?  Doggy style, because I like it
Describe a sexy, enticing, come and get me party:


Review - Latina is unique and so beautiful, it was my first time there, and she made me so comfortable and relaxed; she made me feel terrific, cared for, and made me feel special. I want to say Latina is the most beautiful woman at the Mustang Ranch and is fantastic at what she does, I will keep coming back to see her, and I will keep coming back for her amazing time!  09-29-2021
Review - Latina is incredibly sexy; her long legs and sexy Peruvian accent turns me on Caliente, Caliente :) 09-23-2021
Review - I was lucky enough to meet with Latina on Tuesday afternoon; she is lovely and enjoyable to talk with. She was also more fun to party with. She will make you feel like a king. I spent a little over an hour with her and enjoyed every minute of it. She was awesome. 2021-09-14 Mike
Review - Latina is both very sexy and very experienced. I had a great time and felt things I never did before. She is also very friendly and patient. 2021-09-18
Review - Latina is absolutely gorgeous, meeting her in person. She is a funny, elegant lady. She made me feel comfortable satisfying all my needs. Latina, you made me feel alive with your caresses and kisses. 2021-08-23

Review - I want to thank Latina for the attention and patience she had with me last night. Lovely woman!   2021-05-08

Review - I've had the pleasure of being with Latina several times. She is a beautiful lady with a smoking hot body.  She makes sure to take good care of me. I enjoy talking with her, too. I've been with a number of different ladies at the ranch, but Latina is the lady that I hope is working when I'm able to go to the ranch,  and I ask for her if she's there.
2019-09-28 Jeff  
Review - I met Latina last night. I will never forget how she made me feel! It was as though we’ve dated for years. I am older, and she was erotic, passionate, and sweet with me.  One look with her eyes and her Latina accent and I melted a couple of workouts with her mouth, and I discovered the “ultimate” in oral. I am still thinking about it today! Damn girl! Spoiled for life! I spent two hours with her, and our in-between time was real, passionate, and fun. She worked me up into a frenzy, and when I exploded my cock almost detached and launched, we both couldn’t stop laughing relief!!!  Oh and dinning at the Y was exquisite a formidable food fest I couldn’t  stop enjoying myself as it was like an all you can eat sushi bar the taste treats never stopped coming.
Review - Latina is absolutely stunning! I had an extremely good time with this young lady. I will definitely be back and looking to spend more time with her.
Review - When Latina opened the door from the parlor and walked into the lounge, all the gentlemen's eyes were immediately on her.  She is not only an exceptionally beautiful woman but, also, has a body that drives men crazy — large natural breaststroke (36DDD)with exceptionally large nipples that stand erect when kissed and played with.  Her soft, beautiful tanned skin runs down across her slim waist, over her inviting hips, and down those luscious long legs.
I usually negotiate for one hour but when Latina said two hours would be more fun I couldn't resist.  I sat in the chair by the fireplace while she did her business at the office window — my god what a body.  I couldn't take my eyes off her hourglass figure.
We went down to her room at the end of the hallway.  I took a quick shower and stepped back into the room.  Standing in front of me was Venus.  She handed me a bottle of lotion and asked if I would massage her breasts and body.  What can I say?  I obliged willingly.
Next, her mouth and tongue went to work, followed by her body, wrapping me into her like I had never been covered before, and she took me to paradise.  When she got dressed in that black lace nighty which amply exposed her breasts, I wanted to start all over again but knew that my body was worn out so I will go home and recoup and come back again, and again, and again.
CBS  2019-04-29
Review - Wonderful time with my friend Latina. Always nice to see you gorgeous! I know this baby for a long time. Anonymous 2017-11-25

Review - For the first time visiting a brothel.I was very nervous and shy; Latina had the patience to explain things to me and giving me many sexual ideas. The negotiation was easy although I could not look at her eyes they intimidated me at the same time I liked her with her nice voice sexy accent an entire woman, spectacular and charming. We had very pleasant time I really enjoyed her oral sex wonderful. ;) Michael 2017-09-20

Review - Great time I had on my trip to Reno with this Latina Barbie Doll. Thank You.  Anonymous 2017-09-13

Review - Amazing time with gorgeous miss Latina...10 Stars. Larry from Michigan 2017-07-10

Review - Great and sexy lady very charming. Scott 2017-07-01

Review - It was wow!!! Amazing lady. Highly recommended for any occasion as she's honest and superior all around!!!
Landlcattlco 2017-01-22

Review - It was first night of our convention in Reno, so I decided to drive over and check out the Mustang, having read multiple reviews and forums. I'd been to multiple "Strip Clubs" while attending conventions, and have had dozens of partners and also two girls/one guy-me!...whom I all respect and still adore...but had never "paid for it". And I could have afforded it, but "paying for it" was now on my bucket list-for the experience-so I chose the Mustang while at a recent convention in Reno. Never paid, ever. Walked in, ordered a beer, and Latina sat down and we chatted while I offered her a drink. I knew what I wanted, even though this was my FIRST trip to a legal brothel. Latina was poured into her jeans, her lace top enhanced the view of her ample breasts. We talked business as to what "services" I and she might enjoy. She answered my "what about this, what about that" questions directly, clearly, and with deep dark eyes and a big smile, with no pressure at all. Strangely, I wasn't nervous, and I had my list of questions to get answered, direct yet respectful and polite. It was as though she just wanted to make sure I was informed of what MIGHT happen... So we were into the negotiation room...having a drink and, again, no pressure and the price was agreeable to both of us. After a multitude of more questions by me, which she answered clearly, my "body check" passed her careful inspection. Soon into her room, we were both shed of clothes, and my God, her smooth skin, shaved landing strip, lack of tattoos (not into multiple-the female body good enough without...) long brown hair, slim waist, her tight buns and large breasts only added to her big brown eyes and huge smile. I was almost dizzy as I watched this naked angel-not just beautiful body but eyes and smile to match-lead me into a mutual hot shower as we explored each other's body. Then onto her bed and we turned each other every way but loose. This lady is classy, talented, and takes great pleasure in pleasuring her "guest". What more could I ask for? I got more than what I came for (no pun intended) from a gorgeous "courtesan", and I will truly and definitely be back to visit this talented lady who knows how to party. Life is short, so speak directly and outline clearly what you want, and once agreed, surprise your "courtesan" with your performance; maybe a massage or two or three, between "acts", and shower her with well-deserved compliments. A bonafide workout more than worth the time and money spent! Til we meet again, my lovely Latina! Your newest admirer "Geyser Soze" (Another pun-from the movie The Usual Suspects)
Geyser Soze 2017-01-18

Review - Amazing time with this lady Latina, a gorgeous exotic lady from another country my party with Latina was amazing, great personality, not games, honest lady!!! Thank you, Latina!!!!
Carl 2017-01-14

Review - Latina classy and absolutely stunning!!!!!!!! Kenny 2016-09-16
Was my first time in the brothel, I met a beautiful Latina it offers me the tour. I was surprised with the whole place clean and beautiful, and Latina made me feel very comfortable.
Michael 2016-05-06
Review - I just had one of the best nights of my life with this absolutely stunning women. This amazing woman was not only strikingly beautiful but also smart, witty and genuine. If you ever stop by the Mustang Ranch, you absolutely have to spend the night with Latina. It will be a night you will never forget or regret.
Lima 2016-03-08
Review - Latina was so nice to me, hot sexy body and those big breasts feel so good. She reminds me of Sofia Vergara. High recommendation.
Jimmy 2016-03-05
Review - Latina was amazing. I was very nervous; Latina was wonderful with me, beautiful woman, stunning, long hair and big brown eyes. I had an amazing time with this woman! I will be back to see you again!
Troy From Sacramentom2016-01-09
Review - She is an absolutely striking beautiful woman, extremely patient understanding and kindly took me places that I did not know existed. She never rushed I would give her five stars all the way will be back for sure a true professional.
Jim 2014-09-21