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Review - Luna was an absolute pleasure to meet. Her fun and friendly demeanor put me right at ease during the tour, and she knew how to do the same in bed. I never got the sense that I was just another job to her - she was easy to talk to, gave great compliments, and even spent the remaining time of our session giving me a foot massage. If and when I come back, I'd be happy to party with her again.
Review - I met Luna for the first time during my last series of visits to the Mustang while in Reno, and enjoyed two great parties with her on separate evenings.  Luna's plusses include not only being hot but expressing genuine concern for this customer's satisfaction and going out of her way to see to it that the parties were great successes.  In addition, she welcomed feedback afterward.  I both cases, I left feeling that I just had terrific experiences that I want to repeat many times over.  I'll be back for more.
Dave 2019-11-07
Review - I partied with Luna a while back and have to say; it was AWESOME !!!!!!!!  It was my first time with Luna, but I was over any nervousness by the time the shower was over. Maybe because it was my second party of the night, I don't know. Anyway, it was totally crazy hot sex from the start. Luna is what you see is what you get. When you flip her switch, she goes from 0 to 100 in a split second and then back to idle till you start her up again. Perfect little hot rod, don't you know !!!  And the delicious tits, oh those tits... They looked so good everywhere she put them. Yep, there too. Ever so often, she would roll her eyes back and slam her head back on the bed. Now that's hard for a guy to survive. I'm going to see her again when she's back from her birthday break — got to have some more. Afraid you can't keep up with her? Well, you can't, but she'll wait for you to catch up...
Donnie 2019-08-26
Review - Don't miss Luna!  She's sweet, sexy, and so much fun!   
5 Stars!
ChicagoBob Approved 2019-08-23
Review - Luna is one fun girl. We met up for drinks after I made an appointment with her and she put me at ease immediately. She's just bubbly and fun! We had a couple of drinks to loosen up and then we headed back to her room for some real fun. Luna is a real pleaser. She went the extra mile to make sure I had the experience of a lifetime. I highly recommend her. Thanks, Luna!
Jerry 2019-05-20
Review - I paid Luna a visit last night. Let me tell you, and Luna was absolutely perfect! Her fun personality put me at ease right away. Luna gave me her undivided attention the whole time. I didn't want the night to end. Not only is she an 11 out of 10, but she has the personality to match. I will definitely see luna next time I'm in town.
Don 2021-07-21