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V. falls REVIEWS

Review - V Falls makes you feel comfortable, and she’s an absolute smoke show. Don’t forget to compliment her smile, fellas. It’s one of a kind. 10/10 would recommend. 2022-03-20
Review -I had an absolutely awesome time with V. She knew exactly what we wanted/needed. She was so gentle and seemed so sincere. I would highly recommend V. Falls Matt 2021-10-22
Review - I spent some time with V. Falls, and she is an amazing woman to talk to. She made me feel comfortable before saying a word. She gave me the best massage I have ever had. Next time I will definitely do more. I highly recommend spending time with this beautiful woman. 2021-10-11
Review - I recently had the pleasure of a lifetime partying with V. Falls. What a beautiful person with a gorgeous body. Her smile is captivating, and not just in her pictures. And talented, oh my, she rocked my world into a new orbit. Kel 2021-08-13

Review - This girl(V. Falls)  is absolutely perfect in every way possible. She has the most seductive, playful smile and knows what she is doing with every inch of her flawless body. Just in the few hours, I was there; she made me completely forget about a six-year marriage that I have been getting over. I wish she had a twin or was the person I cuddled up with every night. P.s. head over heels with that harlequin.
Pete 2020-03-18
Review - V is a really down-to-earth and cool chick. I had a wonderful party with her. She made me relaxed and satisfied me in every way. I'll be back.
Paul 2020-02-17