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Review - I had the opportunity to party with Aubrey and Olivia, and I have to say it was an excellent choice lol the chemistry between these two girls is undeniable! Olivia was very engaged while we were together, and I could tell Aubrey genuinely enjoyed herself. I consider myself very lucky to have met them both.
T 2019-07-09
Review - I arrived at the Mustang Ranch on a "slow day" - a Monday at  10:30 AM.  I met Aubrey, who was sitting alone at the Bar.  We had a short conversation before she had to go next door for a line-up with three other women for another guest.  Fortunately, she was not picked and returned to the Bar.  Then it was my turn for viewing the line-up.  I picked Aubrey.  I spent the next few hours with her.   First was a tour of several themed rooms.  I selected the Spanish Room.  Then the two of us negotiated a fee which I paid partly in cash and partly with a credit card.  Then it was time to spend together for about three hours that was unrushed and very relaxing.  She is a beautiful woman and very skilled.  I had a fantastic time.  She was always respectful and friendly.  She gave me an excellent massage.  After our session, she joined me for lunch in the Bar.
Mike D.  Anchorage AK  2019-05-20
Review - My time with Aubrey was spectacular.  She ’s absolutely gorgeous in every way.  Her body is super sexy; her legs to die for; even her nails are perfect! I think her name should actually be Jewel or Gem because she certainly is the best at the Ranch.
K 2018-12-21
Review - I had a great party with Aubrey. Everything about her is great, but her tits deserve an extra comment. When I saw her perfect tits, I assumed they weren't all natural, due to their perfection. After a very extensive examination, I determined they were all natural and completely delicious. If you're into tits, (aren't we all), you might want to check her out. She's also very sweet and intelligent to go along with very hot and great in bed.
Donnie 2018-07-15
Review - I stopped in not knowing if I was going to be comfortable and Aubrey came up to me at the bar to introduce herself she took me on a tour. I was still on the fence, but she made it easy for me to get some time alone. Once we were alone, she made me feel so at ease and so relaxed my apprehensions were completely gone I ended up staying with her for a few hours and had a wonderful time.
T 2018-05-06
Review - Aubrey is one of those very rare combinations of brains and beauty which is guaranteed to provide double-edged satisfaction.  She appeals to every sort of man because she is multi-talented.  The conversation alone can be worth the price of admission because she is a scholar of art history.  After that, the best is yet to come.  If you have never had interaction with a graceful, humble, intelligent woman, who loves her profession my response is she's "Best by Test."   Do yourself a great favor.
Clay 2018-01-06


Review - I met up with Aubrey at the bar and struck up a nice conversation with her. She immediately put me at easy with how smart she was and how down to earth seh was. She took me to the back and gave me the tour and we negotiated for an hour of her time. Aubrey gave me a nice massage and we finished some very intimate sex that was fantastic. I'll definitely be back for more.
CliffB 2018-25-04

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