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Review - I had a party with Sarah on Christmas Eve; it was one of the best parties I've had yet.  I felt a connection with her when she walked into the bar area and knew I must have a party with her.  I told her what I could spend; she told me what she could do, I said deal.  She was very easy going once we were in her room.  She did a good combination of sucking and fucking, and I had her finish me off with a hand job, she knows how to handle a cock.  One of my favorite features about her was her bush, a turn on for me; most women think their pussies should be completely hair free, I disagree, bush is making a comeback.  I will party with her again. See you soon.
Sal 2018-12-28
Review - Sarah V. is electric! A radiant smile, a bright conversationalist, and a dreamboat body. And she is most sincere in applying her charms to fulfill a man's needs. I suggest you introduce yourself to Sarah you will not be disappointed; the time spent with her is MAGIC! I will be back for more.
My compliments to you Sarah. 
Bob, the love pirate. 2018-10-14
Review - Sarah is amazing. It was my first time to a brothel, so was a little bit out of sorts when I arrived. She wasn't pushy at all and made me feel completely comfortable as she gave me a tour and explained everything to me. I felt a little bad asking for a lineup after that, but she was great in reassuring me that no one would have hurt feelings, and I should do one if I want. Well, she is smoking hot, so I chose her out of the lineup anyway, and I definitely didn't regret it. We spent two hours together having incredible sex, getting the jacuzzi, chatting, and getting a massage, and the second time through she really showed me what she's capable of, wow, I can't say enough about this amazing woman. I highly recommend her! 
Michael  2018-01-13
Review - The most AWESOME, AMAZING woman I've ever been with. She is very friendly and sweet to talk to. Highly recommended to party with! She knows how to treat a man, that's for sure. Sarah, if you read this, you're the BOMB!
Steve M

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