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Review - Skylie is a breathtaking beauty with a fantastic attitude and extremely wonderful personality.  Best party I've had in over 11 years and dozens of parties.  Teamed up with Rachel for an awesome morning of pure fun.  Perfect pairing, we now call TEAM 69.  Skylie and Rachel are such a great team that they move as if one person know what each other is doing and not needing to discuss their next move. I usually enjoy one lady more than two, but this is an exception. The two of them have moved up to my favorites, and I hope to party with them again. 
Golfer     2018-6-21
Review - I had a date with Skylie today, and what an amazing 2 hrs spent with a stunningly beautiful lady, we had the time of m life, thank you Skylie for the amazing day.
2018-05-18 Tony
Review - Skylie is the most beautiful girl ever on this earth. She is awesome. She gives the sun reason to shine. She made my day. I love her she is my dream girl now!
Cooper 2017-09-14

Review - Definitely coming back specifically for Skylie, this was our first time with anything like this. My husband and I definitely had the newbie vibe. We went early morning, so there weren't a lot of girls, but we were lucky to experience the perfect one. Skylie 100% worked with us, on a budget, on our experience and keeping it comfortable. Truly seems like a phenomenal woman but also a wonderful and classy business woman but incredibly sexy. She held herself in a manner that illustrated a very high-end experience but willing to play and make the entire experience a lot of fun- she definitely seems like a lady who enjoys pleasing, playing and experiencing with her clients.
Happy couple 2017-07-23

Review - Outstanding! Gave her the rough outline of what I was looking for and she ran with it. She has the natural ability to pull out your deepest, darkest fantasies and fetishes.
Rob from NF 2017-06-25

Review - One of the most fun, intimate and intense parties I have ever had. Skylie's legs wrapped around my body with her large natural breasts pressing against my chest is a feeling I will never forget. Super smart, fun to talk with, and passionate about making sure you have a great time. I will have fond memories of our conversations outside the bedroom as well as inside. You rocked my world, baby!
First Timer 2017-03-02

Review - This was my husbands and my first time in a brothel. We wanted a threesome, and my husband saw Skylie's picture online, and we both thought how beautiful she is, so we made an appointment with her. She did not disappoint. We were nervous when we first walked in, but she talked with us for awhile and made us feel very comfortable.
D & A 2017-01-29

Review - I had not visited previously, and so I was rather nervous about the experience, not knowing what to expect and whatnot. But Skylie approached me after I walked in and very compassionately listened to me vent about my workday before getting down to business. She is very good at her job, beautiful, and kind. What more can you ask? Will likely party with her again if ever back in the area.
Tim 2017-01-26

Review - I have now partied with Skylie three times. There will be more! She is gorgeous, friendly, accommodating, and skillful.
Gus 2017-01-02

Review - What a stunningly beautiful lady Skylie is. Very open conversational, and caring for your wants and needs. The most amazing time ever. Don't miss a chance to meet her. An experience that is second to none trust me you won't be able to keep your eyes off her.
Don 2016-12-19

Review - It was the Lollipop. Who would travel 800 miles to have a dalliance with a juicy, voluptuous lady named Skylie Danger who sought to bring to fruition the dreams of retired high school English teacher? I would, and I did. With feelings of trepidation, insecurity and downright uncertainty, this novice to the joys of what such a dalliance could bring, I climbed the stairs to the well-known house of pleasure, the Mustang Ranch, and gingerly opened the massive wooden door to peek in. Looking in, I asked myself, "Am I the only woman here?" Yes, as far as I could tell, aside from the ladies scantily dressed. David, the bartender, greeted me warmly and invited me to sit down. I chose a table close to the wall, hoping no one would notice me. David approached me. "What can I get you? A drink? Maybe you'd like to 'party'?" "No, I just want to have something to eat," I ordered a Caesar salad. As I waited for my order, still hoping no one would notice me, the lone woman in the corner, I gazed about the bar. Directly to my right, a topless young woman spun upside down on a pole. I didn't want to stare. But every so often I cast a surreptitious eye in her direction as she entertained the onlookers. Across from my place of concealment, I saw a dark-haired, garter-wearing, generously-breasted, sultry young woman seated at the bar. That was Skylie Danger. Not a coltish, young thing, but a real woman's woman. A woman who appeals to both sexes. I tried not to stare (again), but my eyes betrayed me. She crossed the room, and my eyes followed her. She stooped to say hello to a patron and my eyes followed. She moseyed over to the bar, and my eyes followed. What more can I say? Her magnetism would not release me. Certainly, I wasn't the only one in the place who Skylie mesmerized. Unpretentious in her manner, Skylie sat and absently twirled a Tootsie Pop in her mouth. It didn't appear as if she were trying to look like anything more than a girl who was enjoying her lollipop. Rolling it in her mouth, she seemed completely unaware of her sexiness... so casual, so unaffected. I forced myself to swallow the laughter bubbling inside me at the thought of the contrast between the lollipop and her enticing appearance. Ah, the irony. What happened next almost did me in. To my astonishment, she walked right up to my table (I guess I wasn't as well-hidden as I thought). "Hi, I'm Skylie," she said, extending her hand. "I'm Rai, Rai, Raimunda," I said. I fumbled my name into the pit of embarrassment. Nervousness almost overcame me. But Skylie's calm manner persuaded my agitation to quiet. She cast her lure and slowly pulled me into her world like I was a reluctant trout on the end of her line. We must have spent at least 45 minutes making a strong connection, for me at least. Her laughter entranced me. Her wit delighted me. We giggled at each other's life observations, jokes, and smart wisecracks. She surprised me when she invited me (me?!) to frolic with her, but I, still full of uncertainty, said, "I don't know. . ." "Maybe we could get together in the spa. .," she said. "What do you think?" I hemmed and hawed. She smiled. Then told me she needed to go to the bar to rub lotion into her hands. She batted her eyes (was it a wink?), turned and swayed over to the bar again and sat on a tall stool. Of course, my eyes followed her. She popped a lollipop into her mouth (those luscious lips), swiveled towards me, and electrified me with her gaze. She waited. I stared. . . That roll of the lollipop between her plump lips convinced me that I could venture to frolic with her in the spa. Who knew what that might lead to? It wasn't just her porcelain skin, hazel-green eyes, sensuous lips and generous bosom that bewitched me. No. Skylie Danger seduced me with her humor, her quick wit, her lack of artifice, and her delicious charm. But still, you can't ignore the fact that she was a juicy fig waiting to be plucked and eaten. To cap all this off, I could say in real life Skylie Danger's name might be Matilda Braunschweiger. Either way, she is still a fantasy come true. What's more, Skylie is a bisexual woman whose proclivities grant her a certain openness on the tantalizing stage of being wholly human. She is open to men, couples, lesbians and single straight women. What a prize. And a reminder for women who might want to safely indulge themselves: the Mustang Ranch is a welcoming place where you can feel comfortable, have lunch or dinner alone or with friends, and perhaps choose something from the Ranch's other menu. Finally, I would like to say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Skylie. You've made this retired old tart of an English teacher young and vibrant again."
Raimunda 2016-12-15
Review - Thank you for everything. You are amazing!!
Frank 2016-12-07

Review - I've had two out of this world parties with the gorgeous Skylie Danger. As hot as she looks in her pictures, they don't do her justice - believe it or not she is hotter in person! And she is also very sweet and funny as a bonus (not as dangerous as her name implies unless you want her to be which I'm sure she can accommodate you:. I will definitely be back for more!
Edgy1 2016-12-01

Review - Smoking Hot with a great personality. Thanks for a great party. I'll be back to see you again.
Tony 2016-10-25

Review - Skylie you were the most amazing beautiful Woman if I could take you home with me I would!
Jim 2010-11-14

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