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December 14 - January 3 2022









Review - Velvet is very professional. I can assure you that anyone who gives her a chance won't be disappointed. See you soon!  2021-12-20
Review - I love The Mustang Ranch. It's got such a chill, home-like vibe. I like to go sometimes just to eat and get a drink and chat with the ladies. This time though, I was approached by this vivacious blonde looking to have a good time. Velvet is very bubbly and chatty. I loved her right away. We had a couple of drinks, and then she took me back to negotiate a price, which was no problem. Off we went to her room to get it on and get it on we did. WOW! She rode me like a champ and drained my little one dry. I highly recommend Velvet!
Philip 2020-02-17