The Mustang Ranch

Pleasure menu

Special Shows

For your eyes only, a private parade of nightgowns, garters, panties, teddies, and more.

Watch her titillate herself, or you take your turn doing it for her.

Good clean fun as our ladies, lather themselves up for a wet and wild experience.

Sit back and watch your ladies frolic, play, and pleasure one another right before your very eyes.

With your ladies’ wardrobe available at your disposal, this time it’s you who gets to put on the show.

Sit with a lady (or two) of your choice and enjoy the best in adult pornographic features or short films.


No need for clothing for either of you. Relieve the day’s tensions with a soothing and relaxing full body massage from a gorgeous lady of your choice all the way to your ultimate climax and release. Need four hands all over your body? Enjoy twice the pleasure with two ladies.

It’s not what you think. Imagine the feel of two soft, supple breasts gliding their way across your body in sensual motion. It’s unlike anything you can imagine.

Imagine a gorgeous lady gently and sensually kissing, nibbling, and licking all over your neck, ears, shoulders, nipples, and torso.

Experience the soothing warmth or the exhilarating chill of a woman’s mouth as she teases you with different temperature liquids in an oral sex experience you won’t soon forget.

Bet you can’t sit still. Pull up a chair and watch your lady go down on you and then reverse the roles as you pleasure her.

Shower with your lady…which you can enjoy before or after your sexual journey. Warning. The water is warm, and the suds are oh so slippery. (wink)

Full Pleasure

Conventional Missionary style sex…when keeping it simple is still the best.

To hell with “conventional”. Mix it up in whatever position you wish. Try our sex swing or any one of our carefully selected and specifically “engineered” sex furnishings.

How you start and how you finish is up to you. Oral and straight sex.

(house recommendation) The classic two on one sexual encounter that’s sure to please “everyone”.

Take charge of your sweet lady or let her dominate you into submission. Furry handcuffs, light bondage restraints, and other pleasure implements are available to please even the most discriminate B&D palate.


Choose from a wide variety of themed suites to party in, The Italian Suite, Asian Suite, Hawaiian Suite, Safari Suite, just to name a few. See and “experience” the world’s largest bed, sleeps twelve for an incredible party.

You can book a lady (or ladies) for as long as you like on or off the ranch property. Overnight stays with your lady in her private room are always welcome.

Indoor or outdoor group events for wet and wild erotic fun.

Catering to the groom to be and all his merry men.

Create your themed party in our private VIP Room, complete with mirrors, stage, music, movies, lavish furnishings and more.