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t's been about a week since my time with this Angel August. I can't get her off my mind. I have been masturbating twice a day to the memories I made with her. Her body, her breast, the way it feels being inside her. I plan to see her when I get back to Reno in July. She is an absolute angel. Some women are clock watchers, very boring when you with them. Some ladies are like gremlins. So many rules. If you are respectful August is there for you and makes you nothing exist buy you to her. Thank you for the memories I get to relive over and over August! I miss you
Army Guy
My last trip to Reno included a visit to the ranch in which I was introduced to August. She’s a tall, slender, attractive woman who obviously keeps herself in good condition. (I happen to like tall women.) She also has a great disposition, which goes a long way with this customer. At all times, the way I was spoken to and treated could not possibly have been better. I prefer not to go into specifics about parties, but I enjoyed every minute of my time with August, both behind closed doors and out in the parlor. After partying, it was appreciated that she was generous with her time in the parlor and spent time socializing freely, provided it was not busy. My next trip cannot come soon enough, but I hope to visit again with August, whenever that might be.
August was nothing but a very great caring and wonderful woman. Thank you so much for making our time the time of our life! You are such a wonderful women and I can not say enough positive about her. I really hope we can see each other again! Very caring woman!
August made my night, month, and year. I will be a repeat customer as I’m still thinking about every moment. She is sexy smart and fun. Everything I imagined and more. Thank you August!
Spent almost 3 hours with August. It was great! We had the Spanish room. We would go a round then get into the pool. Then go another round and back in the pool. She was sweet, great at everything, I mean everything! This was my 3rd trip to the Mustang where I spent time with a lady. She is hands down the best. I highly recommend her. Her breast are absolutely perfect f9r her body. Not to big, not to small. Her nipples are amazing to suck on. I give her a perfect 10 score!
Army Guy
August is exceptional, very sensual tall slender dream. Down to earth with a girl friend aroma and up beat personality. Never a dry moment with her very pleasant and pleasurable. I Will definitely look for her the next time I’m at this establishment.
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