FEBRUARY 22 – 28

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Ava is a delightful lady and a great pleasure to be with. She is absolutely gorgeous, easy to talk to, and has a vast range of experiences and talents to share. I found myself captivated by her charm, abundance of spirit, sensuality, and endless energy. So many wonderful memories of our time together, all thanks to Ava. She "checks all the boxes" for the GFE, and is definitely someone worthy of repeating with as she is truly exceptional in every best way possible. 10 out of 10.
Just K
Went in a Virgin that was super nervous, but Ava did amazing teaching me and we had an amazing time. Thank you so much
Thank you for a memorable afternoon. Definitely coming back...
For my very first time at the mustang ranch Ava gave me a very good first experience. She was kind, gentle, and god awfully beautiful. Can't wait to come back again!
Ava simply rocks in every way. Smart, sexy, sassy, gorgeous, kind, and just so damn interesting. I would love to hang out with her all day. Be careful though— you will succumb to her beauty and wit. Omg, I think I’m ruined now There can be nobody else 🙂
Fellow Nerd
Yesterday with Ava was an incomparable experience! I loved her, and she loved me back. We made each other smile from ear to ear. Ava is sensitive and accepting, tender and intense, loving and lovable. Someday, when The Universe smiles, I will find a way to come back and see her again.
Ava is one affectionate and playful sweetheart of a lady who kept this older naughty devil quite happy and amused! Wish I had longer to cuddle more and be naughty keeping her giggling caressing her ear lobes (shhhh! it's a secret!), and she lovingly knew what to do while role playing with this naughty boy! Now that the air races are gone, will just have to come up with a new reason to need to go out to Reno, seeing Ava's pretty smile and eyes is definitely a very good reason to go, not to mention getting her to giggle caressing her ear lobes again!
Paul (Naughty Devil)
Ava is an intellectual with a lithesome body and a great personality. Ava works out and that is immediately apparent. She has abs of steel and a perfect body. Ava is fun to spend time with and I will absolutely be seeing her again. She does not impinge on your wants and desires during your time together. Ava is a passionate person and is the vision of pulchritudinous! It would be hard to find a more perfect lady!
Oh my god, what an amazing lady. I had such a nice time with Ava. She’s lovely; smart and beautiful and sensual. So nice to hang out with. The only downside to being with her is you might fall in love with her, she is really wonderful and totally worth whatever money you can throw down.
Ava is a goddess. Extraordinarily beautiful, smart and funny, welcoming, engaging in conversation... and salacious, carnal, and alluring as no other woman I've ever met. Hers is the perfect girlfriend experience, because she is the perfect woman.
Ava was truly amazing she made me feel really comfortable and showed me a great time will definitely come back and see her the nervous one.
I had an excellent time with Ava this evening extremely beautiful and fun, and it just made my experience pleasurable.
Ava was very amazing with the whole process. She made me feel at ease. She is one to come back to see and enjoy. The guy with the hat
My time with Ava was terrific. I lost my virginity to her and was understandably nervous! Do your best to know what you like and Ava will rock your world!
Mr. V
One of the previous reviews mentioned that Ava is shy, but she's gotten past that stage. She was the only lady who approached me as I sat in the bar during this trip, and it immediately felt like I was hanging out with a new best friend. She has a broad range of knowledge and interests and is good at keeping a conversation going. At that point, there were already a couple of other ladies I wanted to see, so I didn't take things further with Ava. But during visits over the next couple of days, she stopped by to say a quick "hello" and even offered to go get one of the other ladies she knew I had partied with. So it became clear that in addition to being beautiful and intelligent, she was genuinely interested in making sure I had a good time, whether it was with her or not. And I knew from past experiences that this was the kind of girl worth spending time with. On my last day at the Mustang Ranch, I went into the saloon and ran into Ava!! With a huge smile and enthusiastic greeting, she immediately had me ready to go. We breezed through negotiations, and soon Ava added even more to what I thought had already been a perfect trip. She has a slim athletic build, with perfect handfuls of the essential parts and enough stamina for both of us. She communicates well and is very responsive, making for a sensual experience that flows exceptionally well. Overall, this is what a "girlfriend experience" should be like.
All I can say is WOW! Ava is beautiful, has a rocking body, and I enjoyed being with her. Ava is a fantastic lover and someone you could also spend the whole day talking to her.
I've been to the ranch a few times but never met Ava. What a fantastic young lady she is! Ava is very low-key, almost shy, but don't let that fool you. She's a talented and exciting lover. The girl next door with a wild side! Possessing not only beauty but brains as well. Truly a ten at the ranch! I could talk to her for hours.
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