Bust: 32DDD
Waist: 24
Hips: 35
Height: 5’2”

Turn ons: Original, humble, sassy. What I promise I keep

Favorite position: Doggy style


JUNE 17 – 30

JULY 1 – 10

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Recipe to my heart: Taking the time to get aquainted, carressing, holding, touching, lots of four play.
What makes me smile: Walking to my bedroom with you.
Wishlist: Flowers, Perfum, Jewlery

GFE: Yes

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I recently spent some time at the ranch on a trip. As I walked through the door and up to the bar I heard they extremely sexy voice say "hello Daniel" Although it was almost a year since I seen her I couldn't believe Cindy remembered my name. She gave me a huge hug like a long lost friend you haven't seen in forever. Only this friend is so sexy. I told her I had a different appointment and we chatted for awhile. Before I went to talk to the other ladies. Upon returning from my appointment I came back to the lounge for lunch. When I saw Cindy sitting at the bar I asked her to join me just for lunch. I had no intention of having another party at that point just wanted to be near her for awhile once more. I couldn't help but let a hour go by. When she asked am I sure I didn't want to go back with her I felt like I would truly regret not taking the chance. When we got to her room I was a little nervous as I had just partied with another lady and didn't think I couldn't recover. This is Cindy though once in her room she captivates you with her incredible body and conversation. She let me slowly undress her. You can't believe your alone in a room with this beautiful woman. She spent the next hour truly spoiling me. Giving me everything I wanted. Letting me rest and then attacking me all over again. If you have ever dreamed of being with a Latin lover than Cindy is the lady you do not want to miss. As always she took me back to the lounge and sat with me after our party. I love that. She finally sent me out the door with a hug while looking into with those beautiful eyes. Thank you Cindy for giving me this fantasy I will always remember.
Cindy is an incredible woman. Beautiful with a great personality. I would recommending spending as much time as possible with her. She is very friendly and makes you feel so comfortable. Treat her with respect and she will return the respect. Incredible is the best way to describe her. I'm looking forward to the next time I can visit her.
This was not my first visit to the Ranch, but is was by far my Best. Cindy is not only a Beautiful Woman but also a Very Intelligent and Funny. She definitely knows how to treat a man and fulfill all my Fantasy. I would Highly recommend spending more than 1 hour with her cause that hour goes by so quick. I liked her so much I returned the next day and we spent most of the day together out in Reno just enjoying the day. I True GFE and I was on top of the world with this Beautiful Woman by my side. My trip had to come to an end so I returned 1 last time to see Cindy because I couldn't get enough of her. I Highly recommend to anyone who visits the Ranch to spend Quality time her. Definitely worth it and don't forget to ask about the Pickle Juice. ITS OK 😉
I came through Reno on business with the intent on visiting the ranch. I had party's with several of the ladies before but this time I wanted a more extended stay. Thier was just something about Cindy I had to know more. She seems so sweet talking to her at the bar. I had to get her alone. She took me to a negotiation area which usually makes me nervous. She listened to all of my desires and concerns. I told her I wanted a true girlfriend experience. She looked straight at me and said I would love to be your girlfriend this afternoon, how would you like to spend several hours with me. I could not refuse. As we walked to the room she made every gesture so natural so organic. I felt that I was being led to a room from a long lost girlfriend reunited briefly. She let me slowly undress her , I love that. Once we made it to the bed time seemed to stand still. No rush at all. After a amazing time of truly being spoiled. She tucked me into her bed to let me rest. I actually took a brief nap only to find her waking me with soft kisses and a glass of wine. It doesn't get any better. We talked for a bit holding hands until she began once again teasing me bringing me back. Only to rip the sheets back and attack me once more. After having nothing left in me she got me dressed and led me back to the lounge where she stayed with me for lunch. Guys Cindy is the true girlfriend experience. Treat her with respect and spend several hours with her as I did. You will never forget.
Decided to finally stop and check the place out. I immediately noticed Cindy sitting at the bar and she was a beauty. She came over and introduced herself and we went back to chat about my visit. She was very sweet and made it very easy to be comfortable. She is a very beautiful, smart, sexy Latina with a great spinner body on her. I really enjoyed my time with her and hopefully I will get to see her again soon. Thanks Cindy. You were such a pleasure and I am so glad we got to meet.
Cindy is amazing! Intelligent, beautiful, and totally captivating. It was an afternoon I will never forget.
Cindy is an amazing person. She’s intelligent and sexy. When I first came in, I saw her sitting at the bar and knew immediately that she was the one. We agreed to an overnight, and wow, what a night. She is fantastic. Thanks for a great night, and I can’t wait for the time.
Cindy is amazing! She is warm, intelligent, bright, fun and giving. There is a brain behind that pretty face. She knows how to please you!
Cindy was fantastic: fun and passionate!
I enjoyed a life-changing afternoon with Cindy and Latina, or as I like to call them, the "Latina syndicate." These two, or either one on their own, will take excellent care of you. Just beware of the pickle juice. I love both of you. I hope I see you again before I leave.
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