Bust: 38”
Waist: 26”
Hips: 38”
Height: 5’6

Turn-Ons: Manners, respect, generosity, and soft light touches


JUNE 27 – 31

JULY 1 – 9

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GFE: Yes

Recipe To My Heart: The better question is, what’s the recipe for my orgasm.

What Make Me Smile: True kindness. A good joke. A sunny day. Puppies. Money. Contemplating world domination!

Wishlist: Live plants. Floral arrangements

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You can see from her pics that Dacé is gorgeous, but that is just the begining. What I found most striking was how easy she is to be around. From the time she greeted me in the bar until the time we said goodbye she made the entire experience so relaxing that I was able to enjoy time with a woman such as I had not for many years. She listens and was attentive to the needs I brought with me. She talkes openly and easily so that I could feel a real connection. Every moment was fun and the best moments were absolute bliss. Any time you spend with this incredible lady is time well spent.
I was privileged to spend some precious moments with her this past Sunday. Here are the top 5 things to know about Dace’ for those who are wondering or interested: 1. She is absolutely beautiful. Within 20 seconds of seeing her face-to-face I asked her if she knew she was a “10.” BTW, she is a “10!” But she didn’t answer. 2. Dace’ is such a sweet and kind person. Not a pushover, but a real sweetheart. So lovable. 3. She is very skilled and we laughed because my experience very loudly outdid my expectation! 4. Her physical assets are stunning and they were on full display. And she was so nice. As we were putting our clothes back on she snuck in behind me and gave me another hug and kiss. That hadn’t happened to me for 20 years with my partner. It was an amazing moment and I will always cherish it. ❤️ 5. The time spent at Mustang felt safe and easy. I’ll be back to see Dace’ as soon as I can. Thank you Dace’.
What can I say about Dace? My plane from Ohio left one hour late, I had to wait at my connecting city for two and a half hours, and I arrived in Reno five hours later than what I was supposed to. I got ready and I barely made my appointment with her. She greeted me with the biggest smile. She cooled me out and got me ready for our party. She was amazing. She let me do things I haven't done to a woman in years. Afterwards I had to ask her to see her again the next day. She was so enthusiastic. The next day was even better than the first. I had originally planned to have a threesome, but she was so great I didn't need the other woman. Dace, thank you for your loving and your sweet taste.
Had an amazing experience with a two girl party with Dace and Jean grey. They did an amazing job and gave me the experience of a lifetime.
When I met Dace I was blown away by how attractive and nice she was, but then realized that’s not all— this girls has skills in the bedroom. Words don’t describe it so you will have to find out on your own. You won’t be disappointed.
Peter Pan
Dace’ was an absolute delight. The entire experience was a birthday gift to me from my beautiful wife. We had a wonderful experience. Dace’ made us both feel super comfortable and at ease from the beginning. We highly recommend this beautiful classy lady.
Jim and Becci
I had the chance to ring in the new year in early January with Dacé and I was blown away! She is the absolute sweetest woman, very attentive, and strives to make your experience an amazing long lasting memory. While she looks stunning in her pictures and social media I was not prepared for how ethereal she is in person. I cannot begin to recommend spending time with Dacé enough. She is every fantasy come true!
Dace' was wonderful, very sexy, and friendly first time I met her we didn't do anything but talk do a couple shots... but she showed me a tour and was very pleasant. Second time we had some fun! Was great experience
I recently spent some time with Dace', and she exceeded my expectations. She is really sweet, super nice, and beautiful in person. I would highly recommend getting her for the girlfriend experience.
Dace is the very best in the business! She is beautiful, gentle, sexy, and awesome. I will see her every chance I get. Thank you!
The pictures for Dace’ don't give her justice because her eyes are 1000X more beautiful in person. She's gorgeous, sweet, smart, and cool as fuck. You'll only wish you could have spent more time with her.
Dace' is hands down the most beautiful woman in the industry!!
I left my session with Dace in total bliss. We role-played a scenario where I was a teenage boy, and she was the babysitter. It was like all my teen-wet dreams rolled into one. Dace is an excellent combination of beauty, personality, warmth, and sexuality.
Dace, what can be said, a Beautiful Woman who I would give her a new Lexus every three years & give her a week in Las Vegas, New York City & Nashville every year, besides vacations with me as my lady. Treat her right, a true goddess in every aspect. Thank you, Dace'!
Dace was amazing! Very friendly and knockout gorgeous with the body to match. 10/10
Daće is truly a wonder to behold. She made the entire experience easygoing, fun, and an absolute pleasure. Her kind and sweet personality shine through. Thank you for an incredible time.
Dace' was amazing. She was kind, and those beautiful eyes caught my attention. I knew that I had to party with her. We had a good time, and we also had time to talk. I highly recommend her, and I will be back soon.
Dace' won me over with her stunning eyes. Absolutely amazing. I hope you're there next time I'm in town. Thank you, Dacé.
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