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I went here with a group of friends for a celebratory event. The first girl that caught my eye was Ellie Jo sitting at the bar and she was just stunning. The host gave us the tables in front of the stage, which was perfect for us. We sat there checking out the atmosphere since this was our first time. Ellie Jo finally approached us to say hi and offered to give us a tour. We excitedly followed her lead. She was an awesome "tour guide" with a great and cute sense of humor. Going into the night, she agreed to dance on the stage per our request and occasionally drank with us at our table. The boys had a great time conversing with her and I'm glad she sat next to me. Although, we were there for a friend's good time, I couldn't resist Ellie Jo anymore. We started with a private dance which then lead to us partying. Without going into details, she was absolutely gorgeous and very intimate during our time. We definitely spent more time together than I had anticipated. There's a certain glow about this girl. She's super sweet, down to earth, funny, and just absolutely beautiful. I couldn't stop staring at her beautiful face and her eyes were mesmerizing. I don't know when I'll be back but I hope to run into her again... Thanks for the unforgettable time "EJ". 😉
I initially saw Ellie Jo sitting at a table alone in the bar and was curious. Unfortunately, that night/trip I wasn't able to get to meet her. So, the next trip, she was sitting in the same spot, so I got up and went over and introduced myself. We hit it off immediately and I eventually suggested we go back and discuss a party. She is much prettier and sexier than her photos suggest as well as a very nice lady! We had our first party that night and it was a lot of fun to say the least! She was involved, attentive and oh so sexy. Last week, I had my third party with her and it was still as much fun as the previous two. She is currently my favorite Mustang lady and I hope to play with her several more times. I highly recommend giving her a look and enjoying a great, fun party with this special lady!
Ellie Is great … stopped by offered to buy her a drink… she gave me a tour …. Great conversation… helps gives in put … definitely gonna visit again because of her
My first time going I spotted Ellie, and couldn’t take my eyes off her, I knew she was the one I wanted to see and I’m glad I did. she made such a lasting impression on me. She’s beautiful, sweet, tight, funny just all around great woman with a great personality and amazing tits. She is one magical mermaid that god watches over and hears whenever she talks. Treat her right make her smile it’s a sight to see. Even though I’ve only seen her once in that one interaction she snatched my heart away from me and all I could think about was her for the rest of the day, idk how she did it but I am not complaining. Whenever I go back I’d love to see her again cuz man🤤that’s a woman. Hope to see you again Ellie if not I wish you the best wherever you go❤️💐
Ellie-Jo...(My Ellie-Mae)Lol!! Unfortunately..I MUST AGREE with EVERYTHING those other guys said about u!! And NOW I've become jealous!! LOL!! We Seriously-Seriously ❤️ luv-u Ellie-jo!!...u r AWEZZZOME!! We'll hopefully spend some more Quality-Time with u SOON!!..Until then.. W/ ❤️ Luv..yer 'Boyz'.. Rj & Chuey!!
Rj & Chuey
I had the opportunity to be Ellie Jo’s first ever Brothel client. We had met her 1st night & visited a bit but I was already spoken for that evening. She impressed me enough upon our initial meeting that I knew I wanted to get to know her better & party with her. My opportunity came the next morning. I was sitting in the bar waiting for day shif girls to come out & she was the first out & looked amazing! We chatted for awhile then headed back. Took our time in negotiations not because it was difficult but because this was her first time. We came to an agreement easily & went back. We started slow & built up the intensity. Ellie is a very sensual & nurturing person by nature. As the party progressed she proved to be a natural. Very sensual, intimate & passionate party! I had such an amazing time with her during our first party that I booked again with her 2 days Later! The second party was even better. I haven’t been able to book with her since due to non aligning schedules but as soon as I can I will book with her again. I highly recommend this Beautiful, sensual Lady.! Thank you Ellie for 2 great parties & I look forward to more!
We were in Reno for business and decided to take a trip to the Mustang Ranch for a little fun. Not knowing what to expect we were given a tour by Ellie Jo. As soon as I saw her I knew she was the one for me. She took us on a tour an it was great to say the least, EllieJo was fun and entertaining to all of use and when the tour was over I decided to go with her for some fun and I was not disappointed EllieJo is amazing, sensual and a very beautiful woman!! So if you get a chance to stop by the Ranch sometime look for EllieJo for a fun experience……💋
There are no words that could adequately describe the profound beauty of this woman. She is an angel sent from heaven to teach the world how to love, and I'll love her forever. I had heard through legend that mermaids were magical creatures with magical tears. To touch the tears of a mermaid causes a man to be bound with her in spirit throughout eternity. I touched her tears, and, in the blink of an eye, my heart was no longer mine. Some people aren't really religious, but an encounter with Ellie will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that a perfectly flawless creator exists because only a God could have created such beauty. I thank God for the time I was blessed to share with her. I love you Ellie!
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