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Gabby is a total class-act courtesan! Having not seen her in about a year, she remembered me and showed the kindness and sweetness that a real GFE requires. Open to whatever I desired, she pleased herself with a toy to start things off. That was great fun to observe and participate in somewhat. Passionate play soon followed, then a relaxing oil massage with the remaining time. A shower and returning to the lounge for dinner (the fettuccine Alfredo rock's!) and a shared cocktail ? and visiting casually afterward was great. Highly recommended, and I'll be back for sure! XOXO
Gabriella is a mind-blowing dream which happens to be real! She is beyond fantastic, and will really take you to places never imagined. She also gave me the best massage I've ever experienced!! Perfection!!!
What can I say about this fine, wonderful and amazing young woman? I just made a recent trip to Reno / Sparks over the weekend and wanted to check out the Mustang Ranch for the first time. I booked an appointment with her a week or so earlier and so wanted to meet her. I finally had that opportunity and what a wonderful, mind-blowing experience it was. We hit it off instantly. Of course, I was nervous upon being there for the first time, but once Gabriella came out to greet me, I was all at ease very quickly. She definitely has her way of making you feel really relaxed and comfortable. She's great to talk to as well as I have found some things we share in common. She took me on a little tour of the facility and negotiated a great price. I can tell you it was worth EVERY penny. I was so happy to see her and able to meet her as well as I made her very happy for coming. We had an AMAAAAZING time, and I can never forget her and our time together. Words alone cannot express how wonderful it was, but she has respect and deserves respect. I will definitely be coming back again soon to see her.
What a fantastic lady. My first time at the ranch and she put me at ease and made me feel right at home. Follow that up with a memorable session with this gorgeous vixen, and now I simply must return. Thank you!
First time going to a brothel and Gabriella and I hit it off right away. She took me for a quick tour and then we got down to business. I had an amazing time with her. Can't wait to come back and see her again.
I had my first party with Gabriella, and it was all I was hoping it would be. She is so sweet and so Hot Hot Hot from head to toe!!!! She even threw in a great massage afterward. She is so beautiful.
I just had a fantastic time with this beautiful lady at the Mustang Ranch; she made me feel freaking awesome, great time, thank you, Gabriella, for a great birthday.
Gabriella is so nice and sexy. She is very willing to give you what you want. She makes you feel at ease. She negotiated a fair price and did even more. Highly recommend.
Amazing body and skills to match. Gabriella is my new ATF. She went above and beyond to make our session memorable.
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