APRIL 23 – 30

MAY 1 – 8

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Hazel was awesome. For my first time ever at a place like this, i couldn't even sign my name i was so nervous so had to do it a few times..... but after that she made me very calm. Thank you! Amazing time!
My first impression of Hazel as we chatted at the bar included her lovely smile, dancer's body, bodacious booty, and endlessly long legs. Negotiations were simple and we headed off to her room for a GFE/foreplay party that was super sensual and sexy. Lots of touching, body kisses, verbal play, and mutual expressions of desire ensued. Truly amazing. Hazel is very flexible physically and did the splits while on the bed. Wow! As it happened it was the end of her shift, and completely as a surprise to me, she joined me in the shower afterward! Hazel is the total package and rocks the GFE party to perfection. Easily one of my top-ten GFE party experiences so far, and one I hope to repeat again in the future! Hidden Name
Just K
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