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FEBRUARY 14 – 24

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Jade - absolutely made me feel comfortable and was incredibly attentive to my needs. Truly a pro. Enjoy the Portishead and relax.
Jade Orchid gave me an incredibly erotic and ecstatic evening. She is fantastic and wonderful.
I met Jade 1½ years ago when planning a four-day trip to the Ranch split between 2 ladies. As luck would have it, the other lady had to cancel her journey a couple of days before our party. Jade and I decided to roll the dice and spend four days together. That was one of the best decisions that I ever made. She is beautiful with a hot body and an excellent conversationalist with a great personality, and she definitely won't disappoint you in the bedroom. In the spirit of full disclosure, I spend a lot of time with Jade, and she is one of my ATFs. Do yourself a favor and contact her or if you are already there and see her, get to know her. But be careful; she may seduce you.
Hello Jade, Another OUTSTANDING TIME with JADE ORCHID but this time two days in a row. Thank You, and I LOVE YOU, JADE
Jade was wonderful. At first, I did not recognize her as I settled into the lounge. Yet, her charisma shined through that dusky room and drew me in. She was inviting and charming and put me at ease. Our time together was exhilarating—something to remember.
Jade Orchid is beautiful inside and out. Everything she has to say is golden, and everything about her appearance is much better in person. Her pictures do not do her justice. Everything about her is a million times better in person, and I had to match her tattoos. I’d describe my time with her as a retroactive bucket list item, and I had no idea how much I would get out of that interaction until I did.
Jade is an amiable and wonderful companion. When I met her, it felt like we had known her forever. I suppose that’s why we were parting within five minutes of her coming out to the bar area. I’m looking forward to a much longer party on my next visit. Then I’m hoping for a great out date sometime in the future.
I had another exceptional session with Jade. Love you, Jade.
I have seen Jade numerous times. Each time she takes me to a new level of intimacy. Don't miss Jade. She is a 10 in more ways than 1. Hope to see you again, very soon. Love and soft kisses.
I had the best time with Jade. She is truly a wonderful person. She made me feel very at home and just like she was my girlfriend. I'll be back soon for more.
Well, I saw Jade, again. If you are counting, it’s number 7. But this time with Caprice for a Threesome. We did photos and videos. A GREAT TIME was had by all.
Yes, I will include your name. Your name is Jade Orchid. And this is the eighth time that I have seen YOU. We had another GREAT SESSION, this time for four hours. I was in Heaven the whole time. Jade is at the TOP of her SEXUAL POWERS. LOVE ❤️ YOU. Jade Orchid is a MUST SEE.
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