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Jean Grey

Hello ladies and gents,
My name is Jean Grey, and like my namesake, I am a dynamic force of nature. I am a sensualist to the core. I love to explore
others, not just through erotic touch and carnal experiences but through conversation, laughter, and quality time. I have a
background in massage therapy, BDSM, fetishism, role play, and human sexuality and psychology education. 



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I love to help others explore fantasies and am always honored to be a guide and a teacher for several different kinks or fetishes. I
particularly enjoy working with couples or women, and I am honestly welcoming of unique situations. Do you have a disability,
illness, or mobility challenge? I am patient and sympathetic and do not judge but welcome all. I firmly believe that healthy sex
life is key to a happy life; I would love to help you on your path to happiness. I have recently returned her to the Mustang
Ranch, where I started as a courtesan years ago, so I am delighted to catch up on all the fun I missed while away.

General stats:
5’6, 130 lbs, 36” 24” 36.”
Other interests: I am a foodie, a film lover, a constant reader- comic books included, a dance lover, a state-and-country-
hopping adventurer, and a nerd.
Lucky number: 42
Favorite body part: my brain and then my mouth

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Had a great time with Jean yesterday. This is the second time Ive seen her and it was even more fun than the last. She has a way of making you feel at ease and is really interesting to talk to....among other things.
This was my second time visiting the ranch. I’m a truck driver and this was an unplanned trip. I was going to spending the night in the truck parking area and have dinner. But when I went into the bar I saw Jean sitting there and we smiled at each other. A little connection was made right there. We began to talk as I was ordering my food. I soon realized that the night was going to be special. Jean is a wonderful woman. She is intelligent, beautiful, sexy, and a joy to be around. She is also a wonderful masseuse. Hands down the best massage and sex I have ever had. Yet what I enjoyed most was talking with her. She makes you feel comfortable and wanted. I will definitely be back to see her. Best night of my life.
What makes Jean Grey a perfect choice for your couples party? * She’s intelligent, lively, and makes great conversation. My wife and I want to like and respect a woman who’s about to become our lover. Jean won both of us over, no problem. * She understands the art of building arousal in your “team”. Both of you get to know Jean, and Jean gets to know both of you, before the clothes start coming off. * She’s a total professional in every way. * She’ s not only gorgeous… she clearly loves sex. * She’s just as much into women as she’s into men. OMG, did Jean and my wife go at it with heated enthusiasm. They looked awesome pleasuring each other. * My wife and I understand why one of Jean’s favorite parts of her own body is her mouth. Those lips! That tongue! And the things they can do… * She’s an experienced BDSM practitioner who can add that spice to the recipe if either of you are craving it. My wife craved it, so Jean strapped her into a spreader bar and we took turns pleasuring her. WRAP UP: Taking a halftime break in the outdoor jacuzzi with Jean and my wife was MAGICAL. Relaxing in the warm water, cold air outside, stars glittering overhead, sandwiched closely between two naked, gorgeous, sexed-up playmates who couldn’t keep their hands off me or each other. When it comes time to die, OK. I will know for sure that I have LIVED. Would we choose Jean Grey next time? Oh YESSS!
“Gibson X. Strether”
It started with a friendly conversation at the bar with Jean Grey. Soon newcummer, Ivy, joined in. The short version: Over many years, I have partied dozens of times in several NV brothels. Boxing Day (look it up 📦😉) 2023 was spectacular! Jean, Ivy and I came to terms on the kind of party I wanted and a fair price. I had more fun with these two women than I've had in a long, long time. As I left, it was high-fives, hugs, and happiness . As soon as I can afford it, I will be looking to spend time with Jean and Ivy again! 😊
I have had 3 parties with this sexy lady. She is Cobia approved.
I came out to the ranch last night on a planned trip. Jean Grey had been enticing me through a couple of emails and I just had to meet her. I explained that I wanted to meet several ladies so I could make a choice. The moment I met Jean I knew that she might be my pick for the evening. As she sat with me telling me about herself, listening to my story what brought me here. I could see the genuine lady before my eyes. She is truly a free spirit who loves conversation. Once her leg brushed against mine under the table that was it I had to have her. She danced for me before going to the negotiating room. A true captivating experience in its own. I knew I didn't want just a quick hour I wanted more. We went to dinner together all the time hinting to me what was in store. Back at the ranch she turned in to this exotic sexual vixen so organic and natural. Like a girlfriend I've been away from for a long time welcoming back in the best way. If you are like me a longing for a deeper connection pick Jean you will walk away exhausted with a smile on your face.
What a night!!! One that I will not soon forget. Best birthday ever (so far). Met Ms Jean as she was sitting at the bar with an equally beautiful Fera. They both made me feel relaxed. Negations were easy, no pressure. She made it all about me and what I was wanting. And I was wanting a wild threesome and was not disappointed. I provided the cake and ice cream. She provided the boobs in which to eat it off of. Dreams do come true at the Mustang Ranch, and Ms Jean helped make it happen
Birthday Boy
Everyone’s profile talks about connections, yadda yadda. Well it isn’t BS. From the moment I sat down, Jean made me feel welcome, accepted, desired. I shared where I was coming from, what I was looking for, and she delivered. Her empathy, kindness, and enthusiasm were exactly what I needed. Not empty foreplay, we talked frankly the whole time, before/during/during/during/after. She is a beautiful woman sure, but a beautiful person who gave me a time I will never forget. Great experience.
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