Jean Grey

Hello ladies and gents,
My name is Jean Grey, and like my namesake, I am a dynamic force of nature. I am a sensualist to the core. I love to explore
others, not just through erotic touch and carnal experiences but through conversation, laughter, and quality time. I have a
background in massage therapy, BDSM, fetishism, role play, and human sexuality and psychology education. 


MARCH 22 – 29

More about Jean Grey

I love to help
others explore fantasies and am always honored to be a guide and a teacher for several different kinks or fetishes. I
particularly enjoy working with couples or women, and I am honestly welcoming of unique situations. Do you have a disability,
illness, or mobility challenge? I am patient and sympathetic and do not judge but welcome all. I firmly believe that healthy sex
life is key to a happy life; I would love to help you on your path to happiness. I have recently returned her to the Mustang
Ranch, where I started as a courtesan years ago, so I am delighted to catch up on all the fun I missed while away.

General stats:
5’6, 130 lbs, 36” 24” 36.”
Other interests: I am a foodie, a film lover, a constant reader- comic books included, a dance lover, a state-and-country-
hopping adventurer, and a nerd.
Lucky number: 42
Favorite body part: my brain and then my mouth

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