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MAY 21 – 29

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I hadn’t been with a woman in seven years since my divorce. Kristina made me feel like a man again. She has seen me the real me and uplifted me in body and mind I will never forget her because it meant that much At least to me.
I have had many parties at the Mustang over the yrs. And I can say this Lady (Kristina Marie) is "all in." I had several parties with this sexy Lady on my last trip, and she took her time with me and worked with me. Such a sexy Lady and great parties. I hope to have many more with her later on.
I had an awesome time with Kristina Marie yesterday. She definitely knows how to please, has an upbeat personality, and is a great conversationalist. I highly recommend spending some time with her.
What a Hard, Hot Body! Thank you, Kristina Marie, for an afternoon filled with kindness and beauty. I couldn’t keep from wanting to enjoy every inch of her body. What a PLEASURE.
I had a really great time with Kristina!!! She was so friendly with me from the moment I walked into the saloon. I came in just to get a couple of drinks and something to eat. I ended up getting a guided tour of the place, and eventually ended up losing my virginity to her. I never knew how good sex felt until after my time with her. She took it nice & slow while on top of me knowing I was still a virgin. She even was nice enough to spend a little more time with me at the bar after we had our fun in the bedroom. I can’t wait until I’m able to return to this place where all my sexual desires can become a reality. There are so many things I want to experience with all the beautiful women loving what they do here at the World Famous Mustang Ranch. I look forward to getting more sexual experience with each and every girl here. I hope they’re ready to see me in here so much they’ll know me as one of their frequent visitors!!!
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