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Lacy was amazing made me feel super comfortable it was simple easy my first time and was nice hopefully will return soon with her.
I started my day with Kristina Marie. She changed my mind about being here and made me feel comfortable. She introduced me to two other ladies Shasta and Lacy. Just know you can't go wrong booking them all! Beyond your wildest dreams!
Vice Gimmlet
Lacy was an absolute beast in the sack. So much more than that, though. She’s kind and caring, totally attentive to your needs. Don’t be scared or nervous. She is very gentle. Her body is to die for, with beautiful DDs and a butt to match. Her skin is so soft, and her sweet smell lingers on you afterward. My only regret is I didn’t book for more time. Please do yourself a favor and book her!
Lacy was exceptional in more ways than one. I had a great time with her. I'm looking forward to enjoying this sexy lady once again! I highly recommend Lacy during a visit to the ranch.
Lacy is beautiful and is a good lover. She is good to cater for anything you Fantasize or want. When I first met her, we instantly clicked. I have been with her three times.
I just had my first threesome, and I was lucky enough to have Lacy be one of the women. She was amazing! She was so relatable, didn't make me feel uncomfortable, and was sexy. I would come back to see her time and time again. Thank you so much, Lacy. You helped a fantasy of mine come true.
My name is Wyatt, and Lacy is very nice to me. I'm thrilled that I will keep coming back to see her. Thanks again!
Hi, my name is Robert Sprotte, and I just came back from a visit. Lacy was a divine beast that was too much for me to handle. I miss her so much.
It's reopening night at the Mustang Ranch! And it was a perfect time for me to take a stroll over there to get an eye's glimpse of who's over there. And wow! I sure did get a split second glimpse of a lady so beautiful that I was overwhelmed to quickly get to the bar and grab a drink to calm down my nerves from the excitement just generated from a huge jolt that erupted from the moment I walked in the door and saw this beautiful lady. When I was first approached by her, I knew I had to have her. I asked her, "What's your name? "She says, "Lacy. Would you like to go talk?" I said, "sure." We went back to the negotiating room, reached an agreement, unwound in her bedroom to some classic 70's, 80's classic R&B. I told her that I love that because I am a huge Prince fan. She then loaded Prince music for the party. The party then starts, this Southern Belle is full of fiery passion behind closed doors and we are totally locked into each other. This was an experience I'll never forget and was what a GFE is all about. The full coarse meal of a GFE we shared was incredible. The dessert of slow dancing with her to "Purple Rain" capped off another perfect experience. Ms. Lacy is a Crown Jewel in the oasis in the desert. I will repeat with this young lady every time I'm there as long as our dates line up. Ms. Lacy, thank you for being gorgeous, thank you for being sweet, kind and smart but most importantly, thank you for an amazing experience. You are so damn beautiful and sweet. I know repeat parties only get better and better with you. Wow!
I just got home from a visit and felt like a million bucks. Lacy is so sweet and engaging. Amazing body, gorgeous face and feels like shes made of fine satin. I'm tempted to lie and tell everyone to stay away because I wish I could keep her to myself. It was an experience I will hold on to forever. I can still smell her on my skin now...
Lacy is an absolute dream girl and a total sweetheart! Definitely my favorite 🙂
Lacy has an amazing body. Fun girl! And awesome at what she does (:
First I want to say my time spent was truly a pleasure. I wasn't sure whether or not I was going even to try until I met Lacy. It was my first time and will also be my last, but with that being said I couldn't have picked a better person. This is one hell of an awesome person and thanks to you so much for the time you shared with me sorry I made you feel like it was your first time lol. Happy early Bday see you on that beach. If anyone is looking for a great time with an amazing person look no further.
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