Mustang Ranch 51823-Lily Katrina-16

Lily Katarina

Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brunette
Measurements: 32DD-28-34
Height: 5’1″
Favorite Color: Purple



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Favorite Food: Chocolate covered strawberries
Favorite Drink: Earl grey tea, or red wine
Favorite Outfit: I love being a wild, naked little pixie person.
Favorite Gifts: Stargazer lilies, Amethyst jewelry and raw crystals

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After my party with Lily Katarina I asked her about a two girl party later that evening. She recommended her friend Stormy May. We set everything up for that evening and I left for a few hours to go relax. When I came back they were both ready and we headed to the Cowboy Suite. We started off in the hot tub which was so tantalizing. They played with each other and with me. It could have ended there and I would have been a happy man. We then made our way to the bed and I had probably one of the best experiences of my life. These two did not disappoint. The foreplay was spectacular. They are both very skilled orally. The sex itself was mind blowing. I ended up booking a little more time with them when my initial time was over because I did not want it to end. If you get a chance to party with either girl separate or together, I recommend you do it. You will not be disappointed.
I got to party with Lily Katarina on 7/12 and it was awesome. When I entered the bar that afternoon Lily was sitting there and invited me over. We talked for over a half hour before I asked if we could go party. Negotiations were easy. OMG the party itself was awesome. Lily is very sensual, yet knows how to get dirty when the situation calls for it. It is easily in my top 5 parties list. Lily is also great at conversation, has a fun personality, and a great smile.
I visited the Mustang Ranch on a recent trip to Reno. Going to a real brothel has always been a dream of mine. I have to say it is everything that you hoped it was. I was able to spend an hour in the lounge talking and flirting with all of the lovely ladies. The moment I walked in the door I caught Lily sitting in the corner reading a book sipping a glass a wine. I myself that I needed 6 talk to each one but I couldn't help but catch her smile as walked from girl to girl. As I finally approached her I felt so nervous. I knew she was the one. I immediately asked for a tour which she took my hands and led me along. When it came to negotiation. She was very kind and never pushy. As for the time in the suite. I have never experienced anything like it . Such raw passion. Unbelievable sex . I think I was more worried about time than her. She held my hand smiling at me for what seemed forever after our romp. After we had a dinner in there restaurant. Amazing food. I will definitely be back . Lilly is amazing and so is the atmosphere.
I wanted to meet Lily and have a afternoon hookup. Emailed her a couple times "Guys learn to call the office" no response, but I went anyway. After a 2 hour drive, there she was at the bar. Omg she was way more beautiful in person. My nerves got the best of me and she was so chill she and let me get my calm on. I really couldn't have asked for a better time behind the doors. I had plans to meet some of the other gals at the ranch, but for me she's the only one I want to see.
Lily is amazing! She has a sweetness and innocent that is not common. Such a beautiful girl! Down to earth, easy to talk to even though you get lost in how gorgeous she is! Lily takes the time to know you. I had and amazing time. I will be booking Lily again
Nicholas D
I partied with Lily Katarina last week. She is just wonderful: Great personality, very sexy, and very skillful. I plan to party with her again soon.
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