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In May I happened to have the good fortune to be standing in the parlor when I first set eyes on a beautiful woman dressed in black seated at the bar. Her black hair, the revealing black dress she was wearing, and her slender physique within it were striking. Right away, after getting the opportunity to sit down and speak with her, it became obvious that Onyx is an elegant and classy lady with a manner and bearing that’s very alluring, to say the least. This was the prelude to more than one party with Onyx in the course of my stay in Reno. During the parties I found that her voice and touch (among other things) won’t be forgotten, as well as the way I was treated in general. Afterward, I also enjoyed every minute of her company back in the parlor. I hope to return in the near future and will be doing my best to make sure the trip’s calendar dates agree with Onyx’s tour. This is one special lady.
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