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Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Height: 5’2
Measurements: 32C
Favorite Drink: Crown Royal
Favorite Outfit: Birthday Suit
Favorite Gifts: Any Gemstone

Lucky Number: I bring the luck myself, no need for a number.


MARCH 20 – 27

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When first meeting me you can be sure you are getting to know the authentic Roxy! My introduction into the sex industry, was as an exotic dancer at the start of 2022. Thinking it would just be a stepping stone to get me through tough times, I was surprised to find that I have a talent for it. A passion soon took hold and I realized I wanted to do more within the industry. I quickly began looking for a ranch I could be happy to call my second home. The fall of 2022 I made contact with the wonderful Madams of the Mustang Ranch and quickly organize my first trip! 
My favorite interactions are most definitely ongoing affairs. Having the opportunity to get to know you and your desires is something I find very fulfilling. 
I offer intimate parties in my private room or a more traditional out date where the fun starts out on the town that always makes its way back to the Ranches luxurious suites for a climactic experience! I look forward to meeting and getting to know you, feel free to send me a message! 
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As I was driving through Reno the other day I couldn't help but include a trip to the ranch in my drive. Usually I have someone that knows I'm coming but this time I wanted to meet all the ladies and decide. As I walked in there were three beautiful women sitting at the bar . As I talked to each one letting them know I wanted to make a choice more kept coming out. Soon I was in a room filled with beautiful ladies all willing to talk to me. Let me get to know them. I tried to give each a tip for taking up there time most accepted one said it was not necessary but appreciated the offer. As I spoke to one of them I mentioned I hadn't seen Roxy yet. I knew she was working and also wanted to finally meet even it was just to say hi. The lady I was currently talking to was kind enough to let me know Roxy had come in behind me and was sitting in the corner with a book. As I approached her it was like walking up to a stranger at a bar. She introduced herself but seemed a little hard to get. This of course was a huge turn on. She said if you would like to get to know me we could have a drink. I loved that idea. It seemed so natural. As I gave her my speech as to what I was looking for I could tell she was taking in every word. It was like picking up on a girl instead of just choosing. It made me so excited. I promised to talk to one more lady although I felt She was my natural choice for the evening. Roxy did her best to find the only missing one but all I could think about was her. I finally told her could we go to the negotiation room. Negotiation went smoothly she listened to my concerns and budget and was very successful and letting me push it up a bit. How could I say no. Once we entered the room she has me shower when I came back to the room she motioned me to sit on the bed. I was afraid we were going to rush right through but she knew exactly what I desired. For the next 20 minutes she teased me with every inch of her body. Slowly revealing herself to me bit by bit. I was ohh so ready for her. It was some of the most passionate sex I have ever had. She seamlessly switched between every position I knew and some I've only heard about. And one point she has just keep doing exactly that as I watched her looking like she was enjoying it as much as I was. When I finally finished she showed me up then brought me back to the bed for more cuddling and kissing. So sexy and passionate. I could get lost for days. I have a agreement back home not to fall for one particular girl but Roxy will always be in my memory. It just doesn't get any better.
Roxy is one of my favorite Women at the Mustang Ranch. I have been with Roxy a couple times now and both times she was every bit as erotic as I knew she’d be from her sexy voice all the way to her amazing skills. She definitely knows how to please! Roxy is definitely one of my regulars that I look for every time I go to the ranch. If your at the Mustang Ranch spend some time with her, you won’t be sorry. Hairy Palm (Fabian)
I was seated at the bar when a beautiful young lady approached me and introduced herself as Roxy and offered to give me a tour of the ranch. Her natural beauty and charisma captivated me and her sweet and genuine personality made me feel at home. After the tour, we decided to party in the Cowboy suite. The VIP suite provided the perfect ambience to admire her beauty and the sight and touch of her smooth, soft skin made her an irresistible temptation. She was passionate, spontaneous and fully in tune with my body and mind. She truly enjoys what she does and was fully committed to making my fantasies come true. The experience felt like a steamy, erotic scene straight from the movies! After the party she joined me for a drink at the bar. We laughed and talked for a bit before parting ways. Thank you Roxy for an authentic and unforgettable experience.
Roxy was totally amazing our time together was very erotic and Roxy has a way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed with a genuine personality and a very sexy body she is definitely worth the time and every dime you spend on her will be well worth it her and I will definitely party together again soon
Hairy Palm (Fabian)
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