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MAY 9 – 17

JUNE 12 – 19

JULY 3 – 15

AUGUST  7 – 14

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Had a great time. She is a lady 1st and it isn't a live porno shoot with Sarah. She is sweet and thoroughly enjoyable.
This was my first time at the Mustang Ranch. I had an amazing time with Sarah Vandella.. First time jitters were put at ease when I met Sarah. Fellas ya gotta spend some time with her. She will make you forget all your worries!!!
I was lucky enough to party with Sarah on 7/11. When I first walked in the bar she was sitting there and invited me to sit down with her. We talked for a bit and then went for negotiations which were rather quick and painless. We were able to party in the Cowboy suite which had a nice large bed. When Sarah stripped down her body was amazing. Curves in all the right places! She gave a great blow job, rode me both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. If you have an opportunity to party with her I recommend you take it!
I was with Sarah last November I went in and had a drink as it was my first time at the ranch not knowing how everything worked she came up to the table I was at, and we had a drink. After that we took a tour of the place and worked out a deal she was amazing I nutted so hard the condom all most came off it was one of the best parties I have had she was fun and happy the whole time. After we were done, we talked about my wife and me coming next time. I don't think she believed me that my wife would be down for it, but we are trying to make plans to be there this summer... Sarah is a rock star and well worth it
I have been a fan of Sarah's work for years now and found out she worked at the Mustang Ranch from time to time. I had never been to a brothel before, so I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. She was very easy to talk to and understanding of the questions I had. We were able to reach an agreement, and I am so glad I choose to go see her!
I’ve not had the pleasure of spending time with Sarah, but if there’s one star I’d spend my money on, it would definitely be her! She’s absolutely gorgeous, and that would make one of my dreams come true. Love you Sarah!
I just left the MR a few hours ago. This was my first visit to any brothel, and I am so glad I made the trip. Sarah responded quickly last night to confirm out meet time; that was a surprise. Sarah made my time with her very comfortable and fulfilling. Sarah is a sweet, friendly woman that knows her stuff. I look forward to my next visit with her. Thank you, Sarah, for an amazing morning!!!
I had a party with Sarah on Christmas Eve; it was one of the best parties I've had yet. I felt a connection with her when she walked into the bar area and knew I must have a party with her. I told her what I could spend; she told me what she could do, I said deal. She was very easy going once we were in her room. She did a good combination of sucking and fucking, and I had her finish me off with a hand job, she knows how to handle a cock. One of my favorite features about her was her bush, a turn on for me; most women think their pussies should be completely hair free, I disagree, bush is making a comeback. I will party with her again. See you soon.
Sarah V. is electric! A radiant smile, a bright conversationalist, and a dreamboat body. And she is most sincere in applying her charms to fulfill a man's needs. I suggest you introduce yourself to Sarah you will not be disappointed; the time spent with her is MAGIC! I will be back for more. My compliments to you Sarah.
Bob the Love Pirate
Sarah is amazing. It was my first time to a brothel, so was a little bit out of sorts when I arrived. She wasn't pushy at all and made me feel completely comfortable as she gave me a tour and explained everything to me. I felt a little bad asking for a lineup after that, but she was great in reassuring me that no one would have hurt feelings, and I should do one if I want. Well, she is smoking hot, so I chose her out of the lineup anyway, and I definitely didn't regret it. We spent two hours together having incredible sex, getting the jacuzzi, chatting, and getting a massage, and the second time through she really showed me what she's capable of, wow, I can't say enough about this amazing woman. I highly recommend her!
The most AWESOME, AMAZING woman I've ever been with. She is very friendly and sweet to talk to. Highly recommended to party with! She knows how to treat a man, that's for sure. Sarah, if you read this, you're the BOMB!
Sarah has a good skills , the way she sucks dick and lick ass really good.
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