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Out at the bar, Saylor doesn’t dress or speak as provocatively as a lot of the ladies, so it might be easy to overlook her. But that would be a mistake. My experience with Saylor started with what I intended to be a brief introductory conversation. Most of the time, after a few minutes, the lady will suggest that we “go back and talk”, putting a natural timer on the conversation. But with Saylor, before I knew it, a couple of hours had passed. She never broached the subject of booking a party, offered to introduce me to any other lady I might be interested in, and even invited other ladies to join our conversation. When I finally did get around to booking time with her, I was happy to learn that her initial quiet reserve is apparently her way of saving all of her sexual energy for the bedroom. This lady is extremely talented and obviously enjoys her “work”. My entire time with her was perfection, and she’s on my permanent list of mandatory repeats.
Wow! Incredible! All aboard this beautiful vessel...
She is one in a million! I left smiling so hard…brilliant, sexy, affectionate, are just the beginning of the an exciting voyage with her! Don’t miss the call for all aboard! Seaman first class built tough looking forward to our next voyage together! I wonder which book will I catch you in next time?
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