Stormy May

Height 5’3
Weight 110
Bust 34D
Turn ons : a partner who is respectful, has manners, and a since of humor.


May 10 – 24

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I’m a small town girl from the south who loves cooking, fishing, hiking, and anything to do with music. I’m a little shy at first but after I warm up to you I love to joke around and act silly. If you see me at the bar I usually have a book or a coffee cup in hand. I’m definitely a kid at heart and I love going to arcades, water parks, and amusement parks.

Though I love gifts, making memories is where my heart is. Whether it be having a beautiful dinner at the ranch or slow dancing by the pool I am a hopeless romantic.

Kink life – I am a safe sex and kink fanatic. I love to be there and help partners experience their wildest fantasies. Whether it be two girl parties or BDSM, I’m down for almost anything. I am definitely a switch, so whether you are looking to be on your knees or have me kneeling at yours I guarantee we will have an amazing time.

I am also a huge fan of pegging so if that is something you would love to try I’m your girl.

Favorite drinks: by day champagne by night apple crown
Favorite food: anything pasta
Favorite gifts: crystals, candles, squishmellows, and Amazon gift cards

Do you do anal? I love anal but I reserve it for special occasions.

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This was my first trip to the ranch and wow am I glad that I met Stormy! When I met her at the bar she was great to talk to and instantly set me at ease and walked me through the whole process. She took me on a tour of the ranch and took her time telling me all about the property and the options available. By the time the tour was finished I couldn't wait to spend even more time with her and the booking process was quick and simple. She really took her time to make sure she knew exactly what I was looking for and that the time we spent together would be memorable. Once we were in our suite for the party she definitely made it a memorable night! The sex was mind blowing! Her body is tight and toned and she knows exactly how to use it! She is vocal about her pleasure and very attentive to her partners pleasures. She knows how to take her time with an encounter and makes sure your are completely satisfied when it's finished. When our time was up she had dinner with me and we enjoyed such great conversation that I booked another visit with her immediately after we finished dinner. If you're going to spend any time at the ranch I can't recommend Stormy enough. I'll definitely be back to see her again!
I have been to Mustang Ranch more than a few times , this trip with Stormy May was by far the best in a long time! She is so beautiful in person and down to earth easy to talk to and the perfect body and I will just say it...... the sex was amazing and I will be back to see her again.
With my latest trip to the Mustang, Stormy is one of two ladies I’m happily adding to my “all-time best parties” list. And that’s with 20+ years of a wide range of results, with far too few genuinely unforgettable parties. When I first met her, she came across as very mellow and somewhat soft-spoken, with a sexy southern accent. And then, when the conversation turned to sex, it seemed like she got a little twinkle in her eyes and a bit excited. I knew quickly that I needed to spend quality time with her. And I’m guessing that was pretty obvious because I couldn’t stop staring at her. She has this sweet, innocent kind of beauty and came across as a genuine, down-to-earth person, while her hot little body and talk of her sexual interests made it hard to think about anything else but heading back to her room. Fortunately, negotiations were quick and easy, and I soon had one of the best experiences. She’s very expressive and communicative, and it’s easy to tell that she enjoys her “work.” Although she had talked a bit about some of her more kinky interests, I’m more into the slow and sensual experience, and she delivered on that perfectly. The way she moves that spectacular body, her interest in satisfying you, and her beautiful all-around personality have me looking forward to spending much more time with her.
I had such a great session with Stormy May that I came back the following day for another party with her, and the second party was even better! She wore a robe when we first met, so my focus was on her beautiful face. When the robe came off, and I saw her sexy, petite body for the first time, my blood flowed. She's delightful to talk with and knows how to treat a man. She is skilled and does not hold back on pleasing in the bedroom. She keeps her room and herself very clean but admits to having a dirty mind. Walking down the hall with Stormy under my arm, I saw our reflection in the mirror. I thought about her fun personality, polite and respectful demeanor, and just how perfect we looked together. I realized she would be the ideal outdate companion. Stormy is, without question, a high-quality woman who delivers a fantastic experience. I'm so glad you came to the ranch, Stormy. I can't wait to see you again.
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