Vera Bliss

Bust:  32 B

Waist: 24 1/2

Hips: 35

Height: 5’4”


JULY 11 – 31

AUGUST  1 – 6

AUGUST 29 – 31



OCTOBER 16 – 31


NOVEMBER 26 – 30

DECEMBER  1 – 18

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Have you ever wanted to be with a Pornstar? Well now you can make your fantasy a reality!

I’m a true southern girl from New Orleans and I got my start in the porn industry shooting for multiple companies including Reality Kings and TeamSkeet. I’ve always had a passion for sex so why not do what I love doing? I love to make others feel good and now I am bringing the fun to you! I am all natural, no tattoos, deep blue eyes, porcelain soft skin, and long angel like hair. I love taking the time to get to know others and form a lasting connection. Don’t miss out on what it’s like to experience true bliss!


Turn-ons: Being friendly, smelling good, foreplay, massages, feet rubs, neck kissing.

Favorite position: Cowgirl/reverse and doggy

GFE: Yes, allow me to show you what a true girlfriend experience is like. I would love to get to know you and share a connection as well as taking turns pleasuring eachother. I love spending time in the hot tub as well as cuddling and being intimate.

Outdates: Yes, I would love to go out on the town! We can have dinner together or live out your dream date anywhere in Nevada. The options are limitless!

Threesomes: Yes, threesomes are my fave!

Fetish Friendly: Yes! I am open to all fetishes

Recipe to my heart: Sushi, Steak, Champagne 🥂

What makes me smile: Making others happy and seeing a smile on their face. Going on hikes and gardening. I also love to be spoiled and surprised!

Wishlist: Jewelry, Lingerie, Toys, Amazon or Visa Gift card

Favorite color: Purple/Pink 💜💗

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First off, when you read all of Vera Bliss’s wonderful reviews, believe them. I recently had the pleasure of going on an extended outdate with Vera and had a wonderful time that I will be happy to remember for years ahead. I'm even smiling as I write this. I was skeptical when I heard about outdates but I've become a believer. I am happy that I had seen Vera a couple of times earlier at the Ranch because the outdate started off with an easy comfort and familiarity. It was a very fun experience and Vera is a joy to be around. She is beautiful, sexy, and very easy to talk to. There was no doubt that we had each other's complete attention during the entire visit. I am grateful that I had this opportunity and hope to repeat it in the future.
Happy admirer
I had the pleasure of spending a night with Vera. What can I say . She is a amazing women . Very down to earth and a good conversationalist. She has a sexual energy that radiates from her beautiful body that is mind blowing. I will cherish my time with her and look forward to many more. thank you baby for the most intimate sexually charged experience I have never had in a long time. You rock baby.
Had a fantastic time, overnight is the way to go! Was extremely impressed with the establishment, very classy. 👍👍 Vera Bliss was much prettier in person. With soft skin, rockin' body, firm supple breasts, tight @$$, and a beautiful tight 😽. Vera makes you feel at home, comfortable, and knows what she is doing. If you do the overnight, I recommend you grab plenty of water for hydration. You're gonna need it! 😉 Additionally, we had fun conversation and watched some trippy shite on the tube. 🤣 Thank You, Vera! 😘 As an aside - their food is actually good, breakfast was top notch! 😋
Happy Client
I had a great time with Vera recently. We set up an early morning rendezvous and when I saw her come up to me in a white-lace dress I knew I was about to get an over-the-top experience. She did not disappoint, starting with a massage and moving on to bigger and better things. We had a relaxing conversation too about music and travel. All in all, a fantastic date at the Ranch- highest recommendation for Vera Bliss!
I went to the ranch for the first time to meet Vera after seeing her profile here and some of her postings in social media. I was more impressed to see her in person and she had a great personality as well. She was flexible with the negotiations and was more focused on giving me a great time. I started with one hour session and the experience was amazing. It was beyond my expectations. So, I ended up doing about two more hours. I also learnt something new, I think it may be because of her pornstar experience 🙂 I would see her again soon.
I had a outdate and a sleepover with Miss Vera Bliss. It surpassed all of my expectations. She picked out a nice restaurant and fulfilled all my desires. Easy to talk to and very sweet as well. Her soft skin is what I enjoyed the most. It was like being back in college and having a one night stand but even a better experience. And also no awkwardness. Book a date with Vera Bliss. It’s not just a name. It’s an experience.
Very sweet wonderful gal. Enjoyed my time with her. She is very exuberant and full of energy. Definitely someone I would come to see again.
Joseph D.
Vera Bliss is more beautiful than pictures can show. She gave me a wonderful and very memorable experience at the ranch. She was great to talk with and went the extra mile to ensure that our time together was romantic and fun and exceeded all my expectations! She was also excellent at communicating before and after our session, and it was always a pleasure to receive emails from her. She was so fantastic to be with that I know I will be coming back to see her again soon!
I have been having intimacy issues for a while, so I reached out to Miss Vera Bliss for help. She was more than helpful by answering all my questions through email. I even had some personal insecurities that shared with her. The party with Vera was phenomenal. Initially we were set for two hours, however it turned in an overnight because she was just that amazing. She's down to earth, and human like the rest of us. Not to mention she's a blonde bombshell, stunning all the way around. It didn't take long for me open up and feel at ease. In the end, the insecurities I had were diminished. These brothels aren't always just about the sex, for a few of us it's about trying to heal. The experience I had with Vera was just f$%king awesome. It helped me mentally as well.
Had a wonderful session with Vera last week. She is one of a kind and I believe the best woman to visit at MR. Vera is even better looking in person than her photos, which by the way are great anyway. She has a natural beauty that comes through when you are with her. Vera just loves to take care of you so please let her. She is so charming and attentive. She will be my go to girl next time I am there at MR. Connect with her and you will not be disappointed.
I felt compelled to share how amazing Vera Bliss is as a human being! You can see that she's Beautiful!. She's a southern girl, true and true. Do yourself a huge favor and spend time with her. She will change your life literally! Vera, thank you for everything! I just felt the need to let you know how amazing you are, and how much I appreciate you! Fellas, do yourselves a favor and go visit her. It will change your life!
We had a great time Vera! My husband and I have had threesomes in the past, but this was by far the sexiest and most pleasurable time we have ever had! Vera was so sexy and not only devoted time to my husband but to me as well. She made us feel so comfortable like we have known each other for years! Thank you Vera we will for sure be back!
I had the distinct pleasure of spending time with a beautiful southern belle named Vera Bliss last weekend. We exchanged emails before our first meeting and she promptly responded to all my questions. I was seated at the bar and she came out to greet me wearing a sexy red dress and looked absolutely stunning. We spent some time chatting at the bar, drinking champagne and getting to know each other better. Her sweet smile and warm personality made me feel like I was chatting with an old friend. Party time! What better way to be the star of your own porn movie than booking a porn star experience with a porn star! We decided to party in the Asian suite. It was the perfect setting to admire the smooth, flawless, natural beauty of Vera Bliss. She was passionate, sensual and fully committed to making my fantasies come true. She matched the energy and rhythm of my body and it was truly an unforgettable experience. We used lemongrass oil in the party and the smell of lemongrass will forever remind me of that special night. The experience was so good I went back to see her the next day and she truly exceeded my expectations in every possible way once again.
Vera Bliss made my first trip to the Mustang Ranch an experience that I will never forget! Thank Vera Bliss for making dreams come true!
Had a great time with Vera Bliss and Chelsea last night. They really know how to have a good time. Such a great experience. Can’t wait until the next time.
Vera made my first-ever trip to the Ranch a comfortable and thoroughly satisfying experience. She's professional, understanding and accommodating. I'd highly recommend her services. A truly beautiful soul
I have had the pleasure of partying with Vera Bliss...initially in January 2019 and then twice in January 2020 right before COVID shut everything down. Followup party again in January 2022. She is always such a sweetheart, adventurous, loving to please her guests/patrons, and very enjoyable just to share ideas and have a conversation. Without going into the private details, we've turned each other every way but loose, and she has such positive energy when it's "suite time". I have called her "petite Greek Goddess" as she has the smoothest skin, natural lovely curves and breasts, beautiful body/face/smile. A definite return trip when I get back there, to party and enjoy her company. For those who haven't partied with should really treat yourself to the conversation, being in her presence, and then having her show you her positive energy and sheer desire to please...and oh to please her! yourself a favor and party with this sweetheart.
Geyser Soze
I just felt compelled to share that you must hook up with Vera! I had the pleasure to spend some quality time with her in November 2022. I've made several promises to visit her cents and for whatever reason haven't been able to. She could've treated me like garbage, but she was more than willing to give me a chance to hook up another time. I'm a fool for not hooking up. She is beyond comprehension! Just a lifetime dream! Appreciate you, Girl!
Had a great time with Vera bliss. The entire experience was very enjoyable. She was very easy to talk too and had a fun time.
First time in Reno and coming in I was extremely nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. However I met with Vera and she was able to help me calm down!!! She’s super nice and super cool!!!! Not only she took care of me very well but she’s someone I was able to open up to. I HIGHLY recommend Vera to anyone that comes here. She literally helped me lift the weight off of my shoulders. 7 stars out of 5
Recently I was able to spend my 40th birthday with Vera Bliss. I was very nervous but she made she to make me feel at home. Promptly replied to my emails, negotiations were a breeze. She made me feel like a million bucks. She is one of a kind.
I meet and paid to be with Vera Bliss, and now I am addicted , and I spend all my salary every month with her, and it is worth of, cause there is such an astonishing beauty on her!
A big Fan
I paid for some time with Vera Bliss and lived my dream of being a pornstar! I am addicted to such a beauty! Thank you Vera!
Vera Bliss is a fantastic woman! So beautiful!! She quickly responded to my emails and made it easy for me to set up an appointment. She is so sweet and easy to talk to, which made our time together unforgettable. Negotiations were easy, and the decision to go with the Cowboy Suite was undoubtedly the right one! She knows how to take your fantasies to the next level and give you the time of your life!! Don't think twice about spending time with Vera. She is the best! I look forward to my next trip to visit Vera Bliss.
Vera Bliss was beyond my fantasy expectations. I knew she would be fun, but she teased me with her panties before putting them inside herself and leaving them over my face before moving on to things that were even more mind-blowing.
I had the opportunity to party with Vera Bliss. We had a great party, even though I arrived at the very end of her shift. This was a second party with this young lady. This young lady is a delight to be around. Beautiful, sexy, and a smile to die for. She makes you feel so special and relaxed. She is so sweet and kind. One can never go wrong with her. After the party, she sat with me while I had breakfast for about 45 minutes, even though her shift was over. You can't go wrong with her. Hopefully, I'm looking forward to another party with her again someday.
Vera Bliss is the most amazing woman l have ever been with!! I could never get enough of her!! I had a one in lifetime best experience with her! I'm not kidding! Glad I don't live in Reno! I would be bankrupt! Not even joking about this girl!
Miss Bliss was the most fantastic time. She was very professional in every way! In a way that made me feel at ease and at home in every way! She is genuine in every way! I made history with this young lady! I cant wait to see her again!
Spent a decent amount of time with Vera Bliss aand it was such a great time. Hope to come back sooner rather than later.
I spent my 62 birthday with Vera Bliss. Her incredibly 100 percent perfect body, one word amazing, first got my attention. Vera does everything possible; she goes above and beyond to ensure I had the best sexual experience I could have dreamed of. Her efforts were non-stop to make sure I had a fantastic time, and I did.
Vera Bliss and I have enjoyed the “pleasure” of each other’s company several times. Each visit is better and longer than the last. She’s wonderfully attentive, and for those few hours we are together, I melt into her embrace and drift into ecstasy. Thank you, princess. I will see you soon.
I'm 62, then divorced for 20 years, and haven't had sex in 15 years. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to perform. I arrived at 4 AM. Vera wasn't in the bar, so I assumed she was at a party. I waited for over an hour, and then she came out with her client and another Courtesan. They enjoyed some champagne and cocktails for nearly a couple of hours. I couldn't take my eyes off vera. She was stunning! I was hoping that I would get an opportunity to party with her. Finally, she came over and sat next to me, and it didn't take me more than a minute to follow her into the negotiation room. That took about 15 seconds! I followed her to the Cowboy suite. The next couple of hours were magical! I can tell you this for sure. I was rock solid for two straight hours! She made me feel so comfortable, and I felt like I was spending time with a girlfriend. That's how comfortable she made me, and I felt. she showed me the way upon driving back to my hotel, and I thought to myself, it's great to feel like a man again sexually! She changed my outlook, and I will be back to visit her regularly! I think that she is excellent and comfortable around her. I can assure you. It will be an experience that you will never forget! Vera bliss is the sexiest woman at the ranch! More importantly, she is the most fabulous chick there. I'm a client of Vera's for life! I strongly encourage you to visit her. You will become a regular. I can assure you of that! Vera, thank you for everything! You are indeed one of a kind! Philip 2022-11-20 Review - I had the pleasure of spending the evening with Vera Bliss; I must say she’s magical. She is even more beautiful in person. She took my breath away when I first saw her! Vera Bliss was so attentive and charming. I didn’t want the night to end! We had great conversations and magnificent sensual experiences. Vera Bliss is one-of-a-kind! I will revisit her. She has an admirer for life!
Vera Bliss was so hot; she had the best energy, she was sweet as f, and the party was terrific. I wish it went on and on. I would love to go back and meet her again. That's for sure I'm a Fan!
Vera Bliss was great for a first experience. She made me feel comfortable. Vera Bliss is in a class of her own, gorgeous and sexy. I would recommend her she will make your wishes come true.
Vera Bliss - blonde bombshell, sexy woman, a great talker. What a dominating woman who knows how to make you feel fantastic. Yes, she is a porn star, and you will feel like one too. I can't wait to visit with you again.
Vera Bliss… her middle name should be “Pure” because that’s what you get when you spend time with her. I stopped in for a drink with no plans to party. Vera came to my table, and we began to talk. Our conversation went down many roads, music, politics, movies, porn, photography, and life. Before I knew it, we were in her room and all over each other. Wow, I get to check off “sex with a pornstar” from my bucket list. She’s the real deal, so don’t miss an opportunity to spend time with her.
Vera Bliss is an adorable person. She is respectful and patient and flows with positive energy. She is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. Please do yourself a favor and drop some serious money on her. She is so worth it!
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