I’m all about sensuality, from teasing strip teases to intimate eye contact during passionate moments. I believe in finding the perfect balance between gentle touches and wild passion, making every experience unforgettable. Whether it’s a soft caress or a fiery embrace, I’m all about creating moments that leave you breathless and wanting more.


APRIL 3 – 17

More about Giselle

I’m a mix of sweet and sassy, with a California glow. I’ve explored beaches in Australia, forests in New Zealand, and lived in cities around the world. My love for travel sparks lively talks, sharing adventures and listening to others’ tales.

When not jet-setting, I soak up the California sun or dive into a good book. I enjoy penning my thoughts and escaping to bustling city cafes. With confidence and charm, I draw people in, my laughter infectious and my smile enchanting. Beneath it all, there’s depth and vulnerability, adding to my allure. I’m a tempting blend of adventure, intellect, and sensuality—a taste worth savoring for the daring.

New to the Ranch?

I adore helping newcomers feel at ease, and I’m especially gentle and sweet when coaxing people out of their shells—it’s what I do best. Let me guide you on a complimentary intimate tour of our enticing resort, where every moment is designed to make you feel relaxed and ready to embrace new experiences.

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Had a fantastic party with Giselle. She has an incredible body, did an incredible tease, and was sexy and playful. Will definitely be returning for her in the future.
My Reviews
Giselle was a pleasant person to meet and chat with for my first time at the Ranch. She was very polite and nice to talk to before getting to business. Very accommodating and an absolute blast. Definitely planning on booking and visiting again!
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