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What an outstanding 2hour party I had today at the Mustang Ranches finest two ladies: Harley and Ivy. Folks you will never be disappointed on a single date, a double date, or a three person date with these gracious, beautiful and multi-talented ladies. What you pay will be worth it! Trust me a simple country kid traveling thru Reno via I-80 on my way home . Thanks again Harley and see you in a few weeks when I pass through Reno on ranch business again
Loved my time with Harley! She is absolutely incredible and was very accomodating and sweet. Can’t forget that amazing body! Highly recommend you party with her! Thank you for your time and gentle touch Harley. Hidden Name
Harley is amazing! She is absolutely gorgeous; seeing her face for the first time took my breath away! She is also a wonderful conversationalist and did such a great job of making me feel comfortable. I really hope to see her again!
Any time spent with Harley is an absolute blessing. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, her personality may be the most beautiful thing about her. She is incredibly sweet and easy to talk to. I’d pay Harley a visit every week if I lived anywhere near the ranch.
What a beautiful women--had a great time talking and partying. She will not disappoint you! Hope to see her again in the near future! Thank you Harley!
Harley is an absolute goddess. I popped into the Ranch on a whim and sat at the bar. Harley came over and starting chatting with me and I was delighted by her intelligence, warmth & her beautiful smile. I was hooked. No lineup necessary. She has a perfect body to go along with that sexy sweet smile. If you get the chance don’t pass her up.
Truly. One of a kind woman. She’s simply amazing.
I had a great Thanksgiving weekend with Harley. She is very gentle and lovely. I flew to Reno for the Thanksgiving holiday to visit the ranch. As soon as I walked in, Harley sat there and greeted me warmly, and then we went in together and spent an unforgettable time. I can guarantee that she is absolutely a perfect woman and I will go to the ranch to play with her next time I travel to Reno.
Harley is a star. A perfect 10 by anyone’s standards. I was waiting for her at the bar cracking jokes with the group at the next table. Harley walked in. Standing 6 foot 2 in stilettos, long wavy brown hair caressing her open back (she was wearing a short black dress). Her legs were oiled and tan and simply perfect! Her breasts were the same since she has a penchant for sunbathing fully nude. She smiled at me. The entire room fell silent and every head turned to look at Harley walk towards me. I was the luckiest boy in Reno that night! And you could be too if you have the opportunity to spend an evening with Harley.
I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Harley and Stormy and it was amazing. Both extremely beautiful women. Harley is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect body with an amazing smile. I hope we can come back and spend some more time with them. My fiance and I were very impressed by the whole experience. They even signed my hat.
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