JULY 16 – 31

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Vivian and Hazel are the most attentive girls I’ve met!! They make you feel so welcomed and loved!!! 10/10 recommend coming here again! Great service and pretty girls!
I came over for the pool party June 8th, had some good food, Hazel came to me to chat, I got to go in the pool with her and some of the other girls, then I got some sun for a couple hours. Hazel and I went to negotiate a party, She made it so fun when we got to her room, she's very sweet and kind. I want a 2 girl party with her and another girl I like, won't say who, Party with Hazel if you get the opportunity, you WON'T be disappointed.
If you want your mind blown, spend some time with Hazel. She is officially my new ATF. When I got around to booking time with her, I was feeling completely spent from a previous party, and was thinking it would take a miracle to go another round. But holy shit - I’m nominating this girl for sainthood. She made possible what I thought was impossible. Even just the conversation at the bar started tapping into some hidden reserves of stamina that I didn’t know were there. And once the party got started, she easily kept me going and going. So if you ever need a pick-me-up, forget the caffeine or medication, and take a hit of Hazel. And strap yourself in for one hell of a ride.
Finally got the chance to meet the tall Sexy Hazel. I had been wanting to meet her for sometime as we’d shared smiles & glances across the bar but never had the chance to meet as we were both otherwise occupied. After chatting in the bar for a lot longer than planned as we were having such a good time we went to the negotiation room where things went quick & easy as we planned for our party in the morning. Party was great, she’s very fun in the bedroom & very accommodating. Further details stay between us but go see the Beauty & you won’t be disappointed. I look forward to seeing Hazel again as I know I’ll have a fantastic time with her!
Hazel was awesome. For my first time ever at a place like this, i couldn't even sign my name i was so nervous so had to do it a few times..... but after that she made me very calm. Thank you! Amazing time!
My first impression of Hazel as we chatted at the bar included her lovely smile, dancer's body, bodacious booty, and endlessly long legs. Negotiations were simple and we headed off to her room for a GFE/foreplay party that was super sensual and sexy. Lots of touching, body kisses, verbal play, and mutual expressions of desire ensued. Truly amazing. Hazel is very flexible physically and did the splits while on the bed. Wow! As it happened it was the end of her shift, and completely as a surprise to me, she joined me in the shower afterward! Hazel is the total package and rocks the GFE party to perfection. Easily one of my top-ten GFE party experiences so far, and one I hope to repeat again in the future! Hidden Name
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