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Definitely a must see! She is everything you could ask for wrapped in a cute little package. Perfect amount of cute and sexy.
King George
Iris was a sweet, intelligent and beautiful lady. She showed me around the ranch and all of the different suites, We agreed on the date. We went to on of the suites. She wanted to play some music that made us relax and enjoyed each other. She definitely made sure I was happy with the time she spends with me. I would definitely recommend you pick Iris if you want to enjoy yourself at the Ranch. I will definitely be back to see her..
Had my 2nd party with the very Sexy Iris. What I said in the first review still holds! Great party with a Lady who has all the right curves in all the right places! I’ll be seeing her again & recommend if you get the chance you do so also
I had met the Sexy Iris before the pandemic. We hit it off in the bar but I wasn’t able to party at that time but she left a Great impression & I knew I’d like to party with her in the future. Long story short I was finally able to party with her & it was well worth the wait. I saw her in the bar after all these yrs & invited her over, wasn’t sure it was her at first but she immediately asked if I remembered her & she had remembered me & our chat from that evening. We picked up right where we left off those yrs ago & set an appt for the next night. What a Great party I’m just sad it took 4 plus yrs to happen! I plan to see this Great Lady many times in the future to make up for the lost years! Do yourself a favor & book this Lady, just not when I am please!
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