JUNE 12 – 26

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I had the extreme pleasure of making plans with Ivy on my last trip through Reno. I actually stayed the night on the property as my party was scheduled for first thing in the morning There was no way of sleeping knowing she was just a little way's away just waiting for me to wake. As I walked across the yard I could feel the excitement building. I had spent some time with her in the lounge getting acquainted. She is so elegant and beautiful. She was all I could think about. As I opened the door there she was , like a blind date your seeing for a second time waiting to be alone with. Agreements were made the night before so it was straight to the suite She drew a bath for us to relax in so we could slowly explore each other. It was truly so erotic. After the bath was indescribable. I didn't know I could feel such pleasure. Ivy is the date we always wished we had. I can't wait to return to continue our adventure.
Hi, so happy I met you today at the Ranch. Your nice friend Harley whom I met five weeks ago was nice enough to introduce us. The result was the awesome three way PARTY we had. I sure hope the three of us can have as good or Better party in the near future 😊🇺🇸 Thank u Ivy and Harley
Ivy is a super charming, interesting and fun young woman. She’s also gorgeous: long, beautiful legs, high cheekbones, sweet smile, and an even sweeter ass. You will find her electrifying. Pretty much everything about Ivy cranks up my primitive animal instincts, but she’s also a total sweetheart and a wonderful person to talk to and laugh with. Where was my equally hot and wonderful wife while I was getting to know Ivy atop the round, mirror-surrounded bed? She was busy partying with Samantha, another awesome Mustang courtesan. (See also my review of the fabulous Samantha.) Sadly, Ivy and I ran out of time before we could get around to doing something really hot together we’d planned on in the dungeon suite. Oh well, there’s a great reason for me to return to the Ranch. Ivy is a DELICIOUS playmate… certified flaming hot. If she doesn’t get your mojo working, it’s probably because you’ve got none.
“Gibson X. Strether”
I just spent my birthday with Ivy and it was beyond incredible. Her personality is so dam cute , she's sweet, easy going and most of all fun. Ivy is willing to do everything she can to insure that you have the time of your life. Ivy is also smart, very cute, beautiful, sexy and so so hot. Be careful not to fall in love with her because it's not easy, This was my second time parting with her and I will do everything I can to come back as soon as possible to see her again. Love you Ivy be back as soon as I can and thank you so so much for such an incredible Birthday. xoxoxo
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