Eye Color: Green/Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Measurements: 36-26-36
Height: 5’6”
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Fettuccine Alfredo
Favorite Drink: Dirty Vodka Martini
Favorite Outfit: something classy, elegant and sexy


MAY 22 – 29

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Favorite Gifts: musical instruments, travel vouchers, spa treatments, toys

Lucky Number: 13

What’s your favorite place on your body? Legs, they’re long, strong and love being entangled. Let me keep you wrapped up for a while.

Do you do threesomes? Yes. Couples are my favorite! I love the balance between partners, men and women, both. Have my cake and eat it too? Yes, please!

Do you kiss? Yes


Do you do anal? If enticed, yes

Are you submissive? Dominant? Both? Both. I enjoy a little healthy give and take. Roll play is sexy

Your favorite sexual position? Doggystyle in the mirror, I love my hair being pulled as I watch you take me.

Describe a sexy, enticing, come and get me party: Join me for a connection of a lifetime! Let’s make memories we’ll never forget. I’m ready, are you?
Now is your chance to indulge in all of your fantasies. I’m ready to get it right, down to the last detail. If you’re looking for a little R & R or maybe something more on the wild side, I’m your girl. Hard play is my forte. Dirty talk is my guilty pleasure. Threesomes are my specialty (and favorite). I take any chance I can to show our veterans my unwavering appreciation. Whether you just need a pick-me-up to brighten your day or you’re interested in pulling an all nighter, I’m anticipating your every need and looking forward to fulfilling your desires.
Waiting for you in paradise, XOXO

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Goddess. Sultry. Engaging verbal and non-verbal. She is the finest lady that is in the realm of 'courtesans' that I have experienced. No less than seven 'Suite dates/ Outdates/Dinner Dates/parties' with lovely Leah. Her eyes, smile, feminine being. Makes me glad to have been in her presence and, soon again. Nothing else clever. Being with her is more than physical pleasure. She glows with sensuality. Her smile melts my defenses. She is so, so full of life and shares it. You will have to find out for yourself. Geyser Soze
Geyser Soze
Leah, Mustang Ranch Courtesan I partied with Leah during the July 2021 Annual LPIN Gathering, and I had a very nice time. She's very friendly and a wonderful conversationalist. I would definitely book Leah again, and I recommend her highly!
I came out to the Wild Horse Saloon on a whim to have a couple drinks and check it out. Came in, and out came the vision that was Leah. She was everything I could want in that element: smart, stunning, talkative, receptive, curious, and so SO much more. We had a couple of glasses of wine, gave me a tour of the premises, and we talked about life, the universe, and everything between. Unfortunately I didn't have enough to get what I truly desired, but I got FAR more than I bargained for. I truly look forward to the near future with her and I...
It was my first time, and I was very nervous. I saw Leah right away. She lit up the room like a bright star. Her body was perfect, and I could not believe it. I couldn't wait to touch it to make sure it was real. She gave me a tour of the place, which put me at ease. We negotiated, and we went to her room. I had a fantastic time exploring her and can't wait until the next meeting. I miss her already, that wonderful face and cute Texas accent.
Leah is amazing! She made me feel comfortable and made it extremely fun. Leah is cute, naughty, generous, and super sexy!! I would love to book her again, for she made me feel great and confident and made me release the side I had never thought I had in me. I can’t wait to see her again, and thank you, Leah, for the beautiful time we had
Leah was a total seductive goddess last night. Having already had a party earlier, I had dinner (the fettuccine alfredo here is excellent) and a few drinks while hanging out afterward. This sexy sweetheart very casually flirted and chit-chatted for a bit. Her incredible body was evident, but there was a sexiness about her. A quick negotiation of my desires, and it was on! She had a kind of naughty librarian look with the glasses, and she took charge and kept things going until most of my Wishlist had been completed. I must admit; I wanted to try some other positions, but the first couple was so enjoyable the different positions will have to wait for next time if you know what I mean. Cuddling afterward was great, and I look forward to seeing her again soon! 10/10 for sure and highly recommended!
I had a party with Lena and Leah, a fantastic experience; 10/10 would do it again. Lena has some skills and made me feel completely at ease the whole time! Review - Leah was by far the hottest woman I’ve ever had the privilege of enjoying. She’s so easy to talk to, and she’s very bright and just a natural, down-to-earth person (which to me is the biggest turn-on). She doesn’t fake conversation or romance; it’s all just genuine. Definitely an experience that I will never forget
The world is a brighter place, knowing you are in it. Thank you for the wonderful memories that will last me a lifetime. Sorry, we did not get a chance to say goodbye, but I know we will see each other again. Until then, Leah, I'll be thinking of holding you once again.
To tease or be teased...that is the question. It only leads to the kind of intense, unbridled pleasure that leaves you shaking and legs like jelly. Visions of me taking you, replay in my mind and provide another memory of a lifetime. Thank you, Leah, you are spectacular in many ways!
Second time with Leah. Absolutely the best. The first party I was very nervous, she quickly put me at ease. It was great. I had to go back for another party, so I called and booked a 2nd party. It was even better than the first one. We had a drink at the bar, finished setting the rest of the party. Booked the suite with a swing, I highly recommend it. She has an absolutely amazingly beautiful body. It takes me a while, and she was very accommodating to what helps me get excited, my tongue is sore but damn well worth it. Just sad that I am leaving the area but glad I got a chance to party with her. When I get the chance to get back down this way, I would happily book a party again.
After months of thinking of her, with visions of the last time we were together, I walked into the door, straight to Leah. Black lace bra and thigh highs are my weakness, and you were wearing both. It didn't take long before we in each other's arms. You always know what I need when I am with you. I always leave happy, recharged, and ready to take on what the world throws my way. Spectacular, sensuous and extremely pretty in pearls. Till the next time, I'll be thinking of you.
A couple of weeks ago, I was on vacation, and I decided to make a visit for an appointment with Leah. Leah and I had been planning for a couple of months on what would be a dream show for me. Leah replied to my post for a Dream Show that I posted back in December saying that she would be the perfect lady for me. I thought I would arrive early on the night that I was to meet up with Leah so that I can be there in a timely matter. The staff was very courteous to me. A couple of ladies came up to see me to see if things were okay and I explain the situation to both of ladies. I want to thank the staff for making me feel comfortable, so I waited for the time to come. Then, when Leah walked into the bar area from the back, I thought she looked very attractive, very classy, and very professional in my eyes. A great conversation took place in the bar; then, we decided to head back to her room. In the room, Leah gave me an experience that I will always remember. She made my dream show a reality right down to the T including the music that was playing in the background. I was the show that I had in my minds. Leah knows how to make me feel special. I loved every minute that I was with her.Right now, I am planning the next show for the future. I want to say thank you to Leah for a great time.
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