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You only get one chance to make a first impression...Luciana without a doubt exceeded my expectations! From the moment I walked in the door, she engaged me as we locked eyes. Luciana has a great vibe, conversations were on point, and she has swag to match the beauty. She is pleasant, highly skilled, and will leave you anxiously desiring a next visit. Simply put, our encounter was a night to remember! This was my first visit...I must mentioned the entire staff provided a professional experience including interactions with security, bartender, housekeeping (twice), and cashiers. Life is worth living and experiencing adventures along the way. Grown folks do adult things. A final shout out to Luciana, my Cali Queen, for a job well done! I encourage you to link with her and make some damn good memories!!!
As a couple we recently partied with Luciana, and wow, we had an incredible time! She is so warm and kind and extremely sexy. She is a good listener and made us feel comfortable. We had limited time, but she jumped in and amazed us right from the beginning - SO HOT! We were enjoying ourselves so much that the time flew by. She even added a little unexpected personal touch at the end. We can’t recommend her enough, and we really hope to be able to see her again!
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