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She is so beautiful and so sweet and she’s star!
Pandora has been an absolute delight. Having never visited a brothel before, I saw Fawn and was taken by her beauty. I came to discover that she is an exceptionally charming and intelligent young woman as well. The first time I couldn’t perform due to being nervous. She was so nice that I came back to her, and the second time was a success! I booked her a half dozen times more. I felt like I could be myself – well, a sexier version. She’s a very sexual woman who brought that out in me. Since I could only do this stuff for a few months, I wanted special experiences, and that’s what I got. I couldn’t help but feel generous under those circumstances. She really made me feel appreciated. Knows how to pay compliments and take them. What a personality, so fun to talk with, on a variety of subjects. And I should stress that her face and body are just fascinating. I couldn’t get enough. She noted my enthusiasm, which was strong and genuine. Like a kid in a candy store, if candy was good sex with a fun young woman who really enjoys having sex with men. Am I making myself clear? Since I can’t have her for myself on a pedestal, you should book her, pay her, tip her, and buy her gifts. Assuming you’re a nice man. Be a nice man like she deserves.
I came in just for a bite to eat, but after finally getting to meet the lovely Fawn and chatting with her a bit, she convinced me to have a little dessert. She is so hot, sweet, and an absolute delight. Do yourself a favor and spend some time with this extraordinary lady ASAP!
Pandora was absolutely amazing in every way. She was easy to talk to and vibe with, and spending time with her was the best I've had in a long time. She Definitely made my 30th birthday the best birthday I have ever had. I can't wait to see her again.
Pandora, I wanted to thank you for sharing with her and all others about her gifts. I don’t mean her body, but her gift for helping men feel more comfortable in their skin. Society makes men and women think we are never enough, and no matter how much we try, we can’t achieve that. Even working for years for trying to work on self-confidence, I had tons of insecurities especially disrobed. I don’t know if they train the ladies, but Fawn didn’t even hint at things wrong with my body. She never makes you feel too fat, not enough muscle, too hairy, too short or thin, or whatever may be wrong with a man’s penis. Even though the feeling may be these professionals are experienced, I never felt any of that from her. I feel that’s such a fantastic gift. Coming to her work, I thought I would be harshly judged. I would be so inexperienced, well, no experience, it would be disappointing for her. I felt most of that when I initially walked into the bar area. My knees were shaking and very much out of my element. I almost felt like turning and walking out. But I saw Fawn. Your/her eyes are kind. She shared with me she doesn’t judge a book by its cover. When I initially walked in, I saw all heads turn, then almost immediately turn away.
Then the bartender at the time asked if I wanted to do a lineup. I didn’t want anyone else to experience that feeling I just had. But when I left that area every time and was with Pandora, I felt safer and more comfortable with her. Few people have that gift truly. I wanted to thank you/ her for having it. Simple being with Pandora, I learned how unreal pornography truly is. Thank you for helping me to understand that. I don’t think it happens often. Listen and take your time. My three days were hands down the best experience possible. I can imagine that’s the same for all these women. Thank you, Pandora!!
I Saw Fun, Flirty Sexy Fawn on Thursday, 9/19/22. I visited with her briefly a few weeks ago at the bar, confirming she’s as Sexy in person as her pics portray. I saw her at the bar & invited her to join me for a drink. We started chatting & within a few minutes. It was as if we were old friends. After a bit, I suggested we go back & see if we could agree on a party. The negotiations went quick & easy then we were off to the room. We had a fun, Great party. Pandora is sweet, sexy, funny & full of energy in the bedroom! I have already made plans to see the Fun Lady again. If you haven’t had the pleasure of her fantastic company, I suggest you change that & see her when you can. You won’t be disappointed! Thanks, Fawn, for a fantastic time & I can’t wait for our subsequent encounter!
Met Pandora while stopping at the Wild Horse Saloon during the Street Vibrations event in Reno. She is a beautiful woman and is incredibly fun! We talked at the bar entirely; she is very low-key, and there was never any pressure. She is a brilliant lady who can speak just about anything. the session I had with her was excellent, as I felt very relaxed, and she seemed to enjoy it. Even after we were all done and I hung out at the bar afterward, she made it a point to stop by and chat with me, and still in a very intimate way. I will need to hook up with her in the future if possible.
So happy I connected with Pandora on Friday night. She's a dream to spend time with. Enchanting. Great taste in music, too. I hope to see her again sometime in the future.
I had the luxury of meeting Pandora while stopping by for some beer before heading back home. I had nothing else planned and just wanted the beer and the environment. Fawn, in all her glory, approaches me. We instantly clicked on a wide range of subjects and enjoyed each other's company as we discussed. I never felt pressured. I was too enthralled by her character. I wanted to see her. I was fascinated and scheduled later that week. When it was our appointment, again, she never pressured. Pandora didn't pressure me. We hung out before we partied. I didn't want the moment to end. I enjoyed every bit with Fawn, and she lives up to her name. I hope to stay in touch and schedule more appointments in the future with her. Thank you, Fawn, for your service. (Wink)
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