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I had the pleasure of spending some time with Piper last evening, and the time with her was a wonderful experience. This was my first time at the ranch, or a brothel in general, and I was about as nervous as you would expect. Piper helped to calm down the nerves, and after our time together, she was gracious enough to introduce me to her colleagues, who were also absolutely divine.
A day with Piper, yesterday, was the most wonderful experience I can recall. She is extremely caring and tender. It truly felt more like Love than lust. If ever again, I can manage another visit to the Ranch, it will be to see Piper.
Piper is a wonderful mix of empathic listener and full on freak. Had a fantastic time seeing her for my second time on a recent visit to the ranch. Her dirty talk is A+ and she knows her way around a man's body. Extremely nice woman, make sure to treat her right. I highly recommend at minimum talking to Piper and if the two of you should so desire, taking it all the way. Cheers.
After speaking to Piper for almost a year, I finally gained enough confidence to schedule a date with this beautiful woman. Upon arrival at Mustang on Wednesday, June 22nd, I met Piper in the parlor just as an icebreaker and in preparation for our Thursday (June 23rd) afternoon date. On Wednesday, June 23rd, I was lucky enough to spend most of the day with Piper partaking in many of the resort amenities (safari suite, hot tub, pools, bar, and restaurant). I can’t appropriately describe Piper’s beauty in this review as it’s something that must be experienced in person to be understood. Piper is a stunningly elegant woman with beautiful eyes, a heart-stopping smile, and a heart of gold. Please do yourself a favor and visit this woman. You won’t be disappointed. Piper, thank you for spending the day with me Thursday. Our time together will remain a cherished memory for all my remaining days. You’re a remarkable woman and a blessing to those around you. Please enjoy your necklace, and always remember you’re unique and beautiful inside and out. I look forward to seeing you again. Please take care.
I had the pleasure of having a birthday party threesome with Piper and Velvet yesterday, and it was a day I will never forget. Piper is very sexy with the perfect booty I have ever seen. Piper was straightforward, and I enjoyed chatting with her. I highly recommend if you are going to the Mustang Ranch, you won’t regret partying with Piper and Velvet. Thank you for a birthday I will never forget.
Piper, Words can not correctly describe being with her. It's something that one must experience to understand. I have been with her on several occasions, and each visit is its own unique, unforgettable experience. One of the most beautiful girlfriend experiences one can imagine. You will be in heaven with the passion, tenderness, and pure sexuality that oozes from every touch, kiss, and sound. Need to be passionately dominated? Ask for a blindfold and her silk hand tie. She will show you who's in charge. Are you feeling dominant? She will indeed allow you to have your way with her. Piper has excellent communications skills. If you ask her to tell you what she wants, she has no hesitations in telling you precisely what she needs. All you need to do is listen. Piper will listen and do exactly as you say if you need something. Want to go a step further? There is no experience like having Piper along with another lady. If you let her choose, you will experience like no other. Watching her with another woman is a pleasure that will stay with me forever. Well worth looking enjoying. I know I haven't mentioned her beauty or the fabulous body; they speak for themselves. Please do yourself a favor and book a party with her. You'll have an unforgettable experience that will make you come back over and over again.
I'm a First-time customer at the Ranch who had Piper as my first experience. She was sweet, sensual, and caring for my needs. Don't get to have too many opportunities for intimacy and enjoyed my time with her. Game me advice on how to improve my sexual techniques and taught me a few things I didn't know. The best part was she made me feel special, and I would highly recommend her to anyone! She is a special lady that gives particular care to her customers.
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