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Samantha very sexy and attentive. Treats you like a King. Great smile, great body, great to talk to and very intelligent! I have seen her 4 times in 2023. I am definitely going back to see her again in 2024 as often as I can. I am anxious for her late Spring and Summer Schedule to be posted.
My wife and I had the pleasure of partying with this fine lady earlier this week. Samantha took the time to talk with us and get to know us before clothes started coming off. Which was great, b/c my wife doesn’t like to be rushed from zero to 100 miles per hour without being warmed up. Samantha has a great, understated sense of humor and is intelligent and fun to talk to. And (as you can see in her photos) she has a gorgeous body, lovely face, and dreamy lips. You will NOT be disappointed if you party with Samantha… she is an awesome playmate and you will never forget her!
“Gibson X. Strether”
I’ve had an amazing unforgettable experience with the incredibly sexy kinky blonde Samantha I hands down recommend her to anyone! I’ve had an amazing time with her!
Samantha is a beautiful person. She is gorgeous, obviously, but very funny and easy to talk to. I could spend a lifetime just talking with her.
Finally got a chance to meet with this beautiful young lady. She is a dream and Im still thinking about her weeks later, so much so that Im coming back to see her again every chance I can. See you soon!
I've now seen the Lovely Samantha 4 times. She is stunningly Beautiful with a fun, flirty personality to go along with her perfect body. I look forward to spending many more amazing times with this Lady!
Samantha is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, let alone had the privilege of spending intimate time with her. A stunning natural beauty that I look forward to seeing again!
I met the Beautiful Samantha yesterday & confirm she’s as beautiful as her pix, if not more so! If the only reason you wanted to party with her was her looks, I couldn’t blame you, as she is Stunning in person. If that’s the only reason, you will miss out on all her incredible social qualities. She’s intelligent, funny & a great conversationalist. After we talked a bit, I suggested we chat about a party for the following day. Negotiations were quick & painless & we set the appt for the morning of Nov 4. She came into the bar looking more beautiful than ever & we visited a while more before finalizing the party & heading to her room. As always details are between us but suffice it to say the party was Great & I look forward to repeating with this Great Lady!
It was a fantasy come true with Samantha. That incredible body, smile, and personality won me over, and I had to book with her. Her enthusiasm was, and her views from different angles were exceptional. An easy pick to make a regular, and I look forward to my next visit ASAP!
It was her smile that grabbed me from the moment I saw this sexy lady. She was sweet and alluring, and our bodies melded together perfectly. I can't wait to get back and visit her again soon.
A hot time with a beautiful woman. Thank you, Samantha! She is a sexy girl people, visit her soon.
Jackie and John J
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