Vera Bliss

Bust:  32 B

Waist: 24 1/2

Hips: 35

Height: 5’4”



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Turn-Ons:  Being friendly, smelling good, foreplay, neck kissing, feet and back rubs

Favorite Position:  69, doggy, cowgirl

GFE: Yes, I would love to have time to get to know you and have more fun together

Recipe To My Heart:  Sushi, wine, steak

What Makes Me Smile: Being spoiled, feet and back rubs, enjoying spending time together, nature, fun trips

Wishlist: Mustang Ranch robe, toys

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Vera Bliss was beyond my fantasy expectations. I knew she would be fun, but she teased me with her panties before putting them inside herself and leaving them over my face before moving on to things that were even more mind-blowing.
I had the opportunity to party with Vera Bliss. We had a great party, even though I arrived at the very end of her shift. This was a second party with this young lady. This young lady is a delight to be around. Beautiful, sexy, and a smile to die for. She makes you feel so special and relaxed. She is so sweet and kind. One can never go wrong with her. After the party, she sat with me while I had breakfast for about 45 minutes, even though her shift was over. You can't go wrong with her. Hopefully, I'm looking forward to another party with her again someday.
Vera Bliss is the most amazing woman l have ever been with!! I could never get enough of her!! I had a one in lifetime best experience with her! I'm not kidding! Glad I don't live in Reno! I would be bankrupt! Not even joking about this girl!
Miss Bliss was the most fantastic time. She was very professional in every way! In a way that made me feel at ease and at home in every way! She is genuine in every way! I made history with this young lady! I cant wait to see her again!
Spent a decent amount of time with Vera Bliss aand it was such a great time. Hope to come back sooner rather than later.
I spent my 62 birthday with Vera Bliss. Her incredibly 100 percent perfect body, one word amazing, first got my attention. Vera does everything possible; she goes above and beyond to ensure I had the best sexual experience I could have dreamed of. Her efforts were non-stop to make sure I had a fantastic time, and I did.
Vera Bliss and I have enjoyed the “pleasure” of each other’s company several times. Each visit is better and longer than the last. She’s wonderfully attentive, and for those few hours we are together, I melt into her embrace and drift into ecstasy. Thank you, princess. I will see you soon.
I'm 62, then divorced for 20 years, and haven't had sex in 15 years. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to perform. I arrived at 4 AM. Vera wasn't in the bar, so I assumed she was at a party. I waited for over an hour, and then she came out with her client and another Courtesan. They enjoyed some champagne and cocktails for nearly a couple of hours. I couldn't take my eyes off vera. She was stunning! I was hoping that I would get an opportunity to party with her. Finally, she came over and sat next to me, and it didn't take me more than a minute to follow her into the negotiation room. That took about 15 seconds! I followed her to the Cowboy suite. The next couple of hours were magical! I can tell you this for sure. I was rock solid for two straight hours! She made me feel so comfortable, and I felt like I was spending time with a girlfriend. That's how comfortable she made me, and I felt. she showed me the way upon driving back to my hotel, and I thought to myself, it's great to feel like a man again sexually! She changed my outlook, and I will be back to visit her regularly! I think that she is excellent and comfortable around her. I can assure you. It will be an experience that you will never forget! Vera bliss is the sexiest woman at the ranch! More importantly, she is the most fabulous chick there. I'm a client of Vera's for life! I strongly encourage you to visit her. You will become a regular. I can assure you of that! Vera, thank you for everything! You are indeed one of a kind! Philip 2022-11-20 Review - I had the pleasure of spending the evening with Vera Bliss; I must say she’s magical. She is even more beautiful in person. She took my breath away when I first saw her! Vera Bliss was so attentive and charming. I didn’t want the night to end! We had great conversations and magnificent sensual experiences. Vera Bliss is one-of-a-kind! I will revisit her. She has an admirer for life!
Vera Bliss was so hot; she had the best energy, she was sweet as f, and the party was terrific. I wish it went on and on. I would love to go back and meet her again. That's for sure I'm a Fan!
Vera Bliss was great for a first experience. She made me feel comfortable. Vera Bliss is in a class of her own, gorgeous and sexy. I would recommend her she will make your wishes come true.
Vera Bliss - blonde bombshell, sexy woman, a great talker. What a dominating woman who knows how to make you feel fantastic. Yes, she is a porn star, and you will feel like one too. I can't wait to visit with you again.
Vera Bliss… her middle name should be “Pure” because that’s what you get when you spend time with her. I stopped in for a drink with no plans to party. Vera came to my table, and we began to talk. Our conversation went down many roads, music, politics, movies, porn, photography, and life. Before I knew it, we were in her room and all over each other. Wow, I get to check off “sex with a pornstar” from my bucket list. She’s the real deal, so don’t miss an opportunity to spend time with her.
Vera Bliss is an adorable person. She is respectful and patient and flows with positive energy. She is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. Please do yourself a favor and drop some serious money on her. She is so worth it!
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