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Spent the afternoon & evening with the Beautiful Wednesday! What a Great Lady to spend intimate & non intimate time with. Started off with a non rushed time in her room then left the house for dinner. After dinner upon returning to the house we went & relaxed in the hot tub before returning to her room for more incredible intimate time. I look forward to our next encounter! Do yourself a favor & book with this Lady if you get the chance, you’ll be glad you did! Thanks Wednesday for another incredible time!
I spent an incredible evening with Wednesday. Along with her stunning and dazzling looks, she is naturally elegant and graceful and a joy to be with. She has a calming and relaxing presence, and I felt so comfortable being myself with her. She was softly attentive and in tune with me, enjoyable to converse with, and formed a very deep emotional connection with me. Our physical intimacy was unhurried and sensual and richly pleasurable. Being with her was spectacularly and fondly memorable.
Had two incredible parties with the Beautiful Wednesday last week. We had set an appt for Wed at 9 & when I walked into the bar she immediately caught my attention. Long legs, incredible body, long hair & Beautiful face, in other words the ultimate package. I bought her a drink & we sat at a table & got to know each other. After longer than I planned because the time flew by we went behind the green door for negotiations. They went east & off we went. I had an amazing time exploring her lovely body, the rest will remain private. I highly recommend you party with her, you won’t be disappointed. I had such a Great time with her I repeated the following Friday morning! Party two was just as Great if not better than the First! I will see this Lovely Lady again if I’m fortunate to have our paths cross again! Thank you Wednesday for two Great parties!
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